Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Unofficial Start to Summer

This weekend we hightailed it up to camp
to celebrate Memorial day
and the unofficial start to summer.
And what a weekend it was. After a windy Saturday, we had a beautiful, summer-like Sunday.

The perfect day to chill on the dock with family and friends.

We met some really cute little ducklings on Friday, five to be exact
and on Saturday that five turned into four... it was very sad. But the ducklings are adorable and have grown in a matter of days right before our eyes.
There was a lot of fishing. 
Griffin caught his first bass. He was too scared to hold it but after it went back into the water he decided he would hold it... umm too late!

The boat is again the perfect place to get your dance on.

Griffin and Nolan had fun shaking it on the boat.
We did a lot of relaxing,
and hanging with our favorite people!
Now, I can't wait for every summer weekend. I just want to be at camp!

Monday, May 18, 2015

The first {cold} swim of the year

This weekend my crazy boys {all four of them}

decided to take the first swim of the season. {While actually Rob went in the water the previous weekend after a soccer ball and ended up staying in to install the dock. Nolan, just because he is crazy jumped quickly in and out last weekend, too.}

But this is the first weekend they all went in and stayed in and played in the water.
At first Griffin was not so sure. After posing for a few pictures he decided to take the plunge. I was shocked at how long they stayed in the water. Crazy, crazy boys.
Aside from the first swim, we had a great weekend at camp.
The boat is back in the lake. Wooohooo. We are ready for summer.
The weekend was so nice, a nice mix of work and fun {lots of fun, little work}. Every weekend at camp is great, but obviously some are better, more fun or more anticipated than others. This weekend was none of those but ended up being so enjoyable.
I adore my family and am so blessed to spend time with them often. I don't take that for granted. 

It's obvious we have no fun at all, haha.

We had a camp fire and made s'mores.

We had some visitors while enjoying the fire.

Hate to come back to the real world after such a perfect weekend, but I know there will be many, many more to come!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Week in Review

The sun has been shinning this week, so that makes it a great week!

Griffin started baseball. I love that he wanted to wear his socks "tall". Too cute. He is so excited about baseball, me not so much. 
Griffin lost another tooth. He is starting to look like quite the jack-o-lantern. He was disappointed the tooth fairy only left $2 since last time he lost a tooth he was at Gia's and at Gia's the tooth fairy give $5. Thanks Mom!!! He told me this morning that if he lost any more teeth he would not be able to talk since you need teeth to talk. Some days that would be welcomed. This kid is a talker (I wonder where he gets it from).
Cue the tears, the big crocodile tears! This was Trevor just one year ago. I just can't believe how much this boy grew and matured over the course of one year. Seriously unbelievable. He looks like a baby in this picture compared to now. How is it even possible... 8th grade graduation in one month, then boarding school, so grown up. I not sure I can handle this!

And it being Mother's day weekend. I must give a big shout out to Debbie (my she's not my mom but is most like one), my mom in law and my amazing mother. Debbie, thank you for being a mom to me and being a huge part of my three boys lives! Mum, thank you for always being there for us and supporting our family. Mom, what do I say? I am so incredibly blessed to have you in my life. Thank you for being my best friend, biggest cheerleader, amazing Gia to my boys, sounding board and the most wonderful mom.

Monday, May 4, 2015


We have been so excited that it is warming up around here. After this long winter, we are ready for some sun and summer.
Rob and I took Nolan on a little date one night. We went out for our first scoops of ice cream. Yummy and more signs summer is coming.

Trevor spend April vacation in DC with his class. He had a great, busy week. His favorite things were the Holocaust Museum and the WWII memorial. He came home exhausted. After sleeping for about a day, he is now back to himself.
And Griffin could not get enough of Trevor when he got home. He is going to miss his biggest brother big time when he goes off to school.

Trevor had placement testing for MSSM this weekend. Since the testing facility was closer to camp, we spent a lovely weekend at our favorite place.
We enjoyed the beautiful lake that is now free of ice. Wooohoooo. Nothing says summer like the sun shinning on the lake. By the looks of it, you would not know it was covered in ice a week ago.
We did some planting around camp. Can you say summer!

While at the MSSM testing, Rob and I sat in some parent panel meetings. We got a lot of information about what we can expect from our kids on vacations, calling home, etc. Let's just say I am having a very hard time dealing with this and the panels did not make it any easier. I am going to miss him so much. I often hear I could/would never let my child go away for high school. I think this is not my choice. This is Trevor's decision, one that we could not possibly not support. It is our job as parents to guide and support. This is about what his best for him and not what is best for me.
This little guy just makes me smile every day. I love this mommy's boy.

Nolan has soccer tryouts this week. He hates this type of thing and because it causes him anxiety, he has been a little cranky. I can't wait til it is over!
I got this sweet little rendition of our family. I think it is so cute. It is from Ink Lane Design on Etsy.
Have a great week. How can you not when the sun is finally shinning and the temps may finally hit 80.