Sunday, July 17, 2016

The 4th

We had a wonderful 4th week at camp.

The 4th we celebrated in our red, white and blue with lobsters and fireworks.

The fireworks over our lake are always a favorite!

The rest of the week we soaked up the sun when it was out and on the few rainy days we went bowling and to the movies to see Finding Dory.

It was a great week full of fun, family time celebrating the county and our 17 year anniversary.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Setting Sail to Montauk

So the past few weeks have been crazy! I am going to back up to the end of June when we went on what I call a once in a lifetime trip.
We had an incredible time with friends who have a beautiful 44 foot catamaran. We set sail to Montauk.

We arrived in CT on Wednesday night where the boat is docked. We slept on the boat and headed out early Thursday morning for Montauk, NY.
We arrived around lunch time at the Marina that we would call home for the next two nights.
We had fun living the boat life. We swam at the pool, visited Montauk, did a little shopping and dipped out feet in the cool Atlantic Ocean.
Saturday we headed back down the Long Island Sound to CT.
It truly was an incredible opportunity. One that we will never forget. The boys loved learning about the boat and hanging on water.

I took a lot of pictures and I will just let the pictures do the talking...

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Last Day of School

The school year has come to an end. It has been another great year for the boys. I am so thankful that they enjoy school (for the most part) and that they are all good students.
Here Griffin is on his first day of second grade
and on his last full day of second grade.

Griffin had an excellent year in Mrs. Sturgis' class. He learned a lot. He is a math whiz and wealth of vocabulary words. I am so proud of how he has grown this year.

I am not so familiar with the 3rd grade teachers, but I am sure they are all great. He is thrilled because he got the teacher, Ms. Kelly, that he wanted. He says she is super nice and he has lots of friends in his class.

I did not even try to get a last day of school pic of Nolan, maybe I will later. Some things are just not worth the battle and taking a pictures of Nolan is always a battle.

Nolan had a great year. He is a smart kid that needs to put in a little bit more effort. I am sure that will come with maturity. He was selected to test for the algebra class and he passed the test and will be in algebra next year. We are so proud of him and hope it provided the confidence he needs.

Nolan wanted to be on Boon, the 4 teacher team and he is. So he is one happy boy. He has lots of friends on his team, in his classes and in his advisory. All good.

It looks like next year is going to be another great year for the Gava boys... makes my heart so happy!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Life Lately

First, I can't ignore the horrific tragedy that happened in America yesterday. Being a mom, my heart just breaks for those moms looking for their children. I can't even, I can't even imagine how that must feel. There is no place in this world for hate like that. I will continue to pray for peace and love.


A few weeks ago, Rob and I made the trek up to get Trevor. He completed his first year, his freshman year of boarding high school. He had a great year and for that I am grateful.
Rob and I stopped at the Katadin look out point on our way up. It was a beautiful, clear day.
Since Trevor has been home, he has been busy with drivers ed. And I have been trying to get bits and pieces of information about his life at MSSM. #boymomproblems This boy does not talk too much, but I love hearing as much as I possibly can about his world. I did get to see some more prom pictures, which made me happy!
We have kicked off the summer and are trying to spend as much time lakeside as we can. Camp is really our happy place. We have had some fun weekends there and look forward to a summer of fun, family, friends and sun up at camp.
Griffin has enjoyed kayaking and all the boys have tried out the new paddle board.
Nolan and Griffin finish another great year of school tomorrow and we  are all ready for the lazy days of summer!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016


My baby went to prom. 

Yeah, unbelievable.

He had a great time with friends and his girlfriend. Trevor looked so handsome and his girlfriend looked beautiful.

Well, I only got like three selfie head shots but I am sure they both looked great head to toe.

I was so bummer that I could not be there to take pictures and see them off, but that is the way it goes when your son goes to school 6 hours from home.

I hope more pictures will surface in the coming weeks, but for now this is the best of what I have.
I love this handsome boy!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Go Fly a Kite

Griffin has been wanting to fly a kite.
The weather on Saturday could not be better, so we packed a picnic dinner and headed for Fort William.
We let Griffin pick out a kite and of course BB8 was the kite of choice.

The wind was definitely in our favor and Griffin rocked flying a kite.

He was all smiles and when he tired of flying the kite he had a blast chasing it.

We had a picnic lunch up on the hill and Griffin soaked up all the individual attention.

After we filled our bellies, Griffin was ready to explore. We checked out the light house, the mansion and the fort. It is such a beautiful location. We even got to crash a wedding that was happening on the lawn (okay so we did not crash it... we just watched it from a distance).

Griffin wanted to go swimming. Of course, we had no bathing suit and the water is not really to a comfortable swimming temperature. We did go down and dip our feet, or in Griffin's case, up to his waist in the cool Atlantic Ocean. Griffin tried to skip rocks. His dad showed him how but he never really got one to skip.
It was such a fun afternoon with Griffin. I just adore this boy. One of the best things about Griffin is he loves with his whole heart. It does not matter if it is his food or his family or playing a game or doing math this kid does it with his whole heart. He is such a delight. He is funny, outgoing and happy. He is always happy. His smile lights up the room and it is impossible not to smile when you are around him. 
It really is a shame this boy has no personality at all... HA!