Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Police came to my door today...

All because of her. (CC as a puppy)
We never licensed CC. The officer came to give me a citation. While he was at the door, he heard some noise in my home. He asked me if that was my dog making the noise. I was a little annoyed with his visit and responded, " That is my 13 month old son, but I probably should not tell you that because I never licensed him either." Not surprisingly, the officer did not see any humor in my flip statement. I never really understood the reasoning behind licensing a dog other than for the town to make some money. I also have never lived in a town where an officer comes to your door to serve you a seven day notice for not licensing. Isn't there something better the officer could be doing with his time? I guess this year we will license our dog and seeing there is a $25 late fine for a $6 license, next year we will license her too (on time).

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