Thursday, April 30, 2009

Griffin's stats

Griffin went for his 15 month check up yesterday. He is doing well (aside from the stomach issues that are going to be addressed at his GI appointment). He is still a BIG boy. He weighs 28 lbs 13 oz (which I think is down a little from his last visit, but nothing to worry about). That weight is the 95%. He is 33 inches long, also the 95%. The poor guy had to have 3 immunizations, but he only cried for a quick second. He is growing and learning so much every day.

Things I want to remember about Griffin at 15 months:
- He points to everything.
- He loves to play outside, throw balls and push things.
- He is quite the climber. I have found him on the subwoffer, the table, in his toy grocery cart
and in kitchen drawers and cabinets.
- He blows kisses (one of my favorite things).
- He stops and sits when I bring the camera out. He does not stop and pose and smile.
He just stops what he is doing as if to say "Is this what you want from me?".
- He is still not a good sleeper. He wakes up at least once a night, often twice.
- He understands simple commands.
- He is a very happy, easy going baby that likes to get into everything.

Hot, but not that hot.

The other day it was hot.

It was 85 degrees hot.

That is hot for an April day here.

But it was not that hot. "Oscar", our thermometer, thought it was hotter than it was. He must have forgotten to tell us he was going on vacation... it may have been that hot where "Oscar" was, but not that hot here.
It was hot enough for the ice cream truck though. Got to love the "almost Summer" days.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fifteen Months

Griffin is fifteen months today.

I can't believe my sweet baby is 15 months. Griffin, we love you more and more each day. You are a joy and we are so lucky to be your parents.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Daddy, We miss you.

This is how sad the boys are...

they can't wait for Daddy to come home! (and either can I.)

Pretty funny...Trevor does not know how to pout and it looks like Nolan has the pout perfected and Griffin, well, he is just wondering what his crazy family is doing and why the camera is always in his mom's face.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

If Griffin could talk,

This is what he would say...
Pretty smart kid, don't you think?

The Show just keeps getting better.

Just when you thought it could not get better than putting shoes in the trash, making toilet paper scarfs and dancing on the table... Mr.In-to-everything has some new acts to add to his show.

Since the bathroom door is closed, Griffin has been playing with baby wipes... not one wipe but the WHOLE box of wipes.

The trash can was last weeks act... this week Griffin has taken to putting toys in the microwave. Our microwave is mounted in the lower cabinet area of our kitchen, right at Griffin's level. He recently learned how to open the door. Good thing he has not yet learned to turn it on. That will be next weeks trick... exploding toys in the microwave!!!
Just curious, what act are you most impressed by???

Friday, April 24, 2009

Fun in the Sun...

UNTIL... ouch, ouch, ouch. Griffin does a face plant on the driveway. Do you see the right side of his face is all red. This looks better than it actually is. We had to bring him in and clean off the blood. Not fun... can you say "OUCH!"

Another Sign of Spring

Possibly even better than the tulips and daffidils blooming, is baseball! A sure sign of spring. Go Sea Dogs!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lions and Tigers and Bears. Oh my!

We went to Nana and Papa's house to spend the first half of Spring Break. We had a jam packed couple of days that were a lot of FUN. Thank you Nana and Papa for spending a few fun filled days with us.
On Monday we took the train into Boston and went to the Children's Museum. The train ride was the highlight of the trip for the boys. At the museum, they loved the bubble room. (I took a lot of pictures, but they are not great, so I will not post them.) Nolan even got to have his favorite meal for lunch...clam chowder. It was a great day.
The drizzle did not stop us from going to the zoo on Tuesday. Nolan loves zoo animals and was so looking forward to the zoo that even the weather could not change our plans. We walked the whole zoo and saw all the animals. Our favorites were the baby giraffe and her dad Griffy, the snow leapard, seals, and of course Nolan's all time favorite the elephants.

Now we are back home and I am working on the huge pile of laundry. I want to get all my work done before the weekend... the word is that it is going to be 70!!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

We are in trouble.

Our little monkey gets into everything he possibly can. He opens every drawer in the kitchen, plays with the buttons on the microwave, opens cabinet doors in the wall unit and eats dirt from plants. Our monkey has a new trick and we are in TROUBLE. He has learned to climb up on the kitchen chairs (and boy is he proud of himself). As if getting in the chairs is not troublesome enough, he climbs onto the table and sits on it with a big grin as if to say HA! It will only be a matter of time before he is hanging from the light. (I remember his oldest brother pulling that stunt). In the 4th picture, you can just see him eyeing the light... I am sure the wheels in his mind are working overtime trying to figure out how he can reach it.And the hardest part is... how can you tell him "no" with a face like this???

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rub-a-dub Griffin is in the tub.

Disclaimer: Our water is not brown. The water in Griffin's tub is brown because it is mixed with Aveeno Oatmeal bath to soothe his very red, raw, rashed bum.

Griffin loves his bath and since his bum has been so irritated, he has been having nightly baths. What fun. His favorite is the empty body wash bottle. He squirts water with it and laughs when he is squirted with water.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Say Cheese!

Although Griffin looks really happy in this picture, it is not the norm right now. He has been really cranky for the most part. His stomach is a mess. We are starting testing to see what is wrong with it. He is also super snotty and raspy. I have been feeling pretty lousy too. Maybe it is the lack of sleep or the constant running around... hopefully all will be better soon.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Easter Bunny came.

Today has been a great Easter/Gia's birthday Celebration.

The day started with our Easter baskets.

We then had a wonderful brunch. I was not sure how brunch would turn out. My mom is the cook of that family and since it is her birthday today, we decided to give her the day off. The food may not have been as good as she could have done, but it turned out great. Griffin loved the mango's from the fruit salad.

After brunch the kids went on an Egg hunt.

Happy Easter

Easter 2009

Easter 2008
I thought it would be fun to see how much the boys have grown. It is amazing... all three of them look so much older.

Happy Birthday, Gia!

Today is my mom's and the boys "Gia's" birthday. Happy Birthday! We love you and hope you have a wonderful day.

Friday, April 10, 2009

What is wrong with this picture?

Today is backwards or inside out day at school. Trevor has his shirt on backwards and Nolan decided to wear his shirt backwards and inside out. Nolan even has his socks on inside out. What fun.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Friends at Last.

What a long morning and it is only 9:30. Surprise, surprise but Griffin is under the weather again. He has had horrible stomach issues for days now and to add to that he now has a horrible runny nose and a awful cough. He is back on the nebulizer. He is not his happy self today. He is very cranky and hard to please. Nolan has been very hyper and crazy this morning. He has been bugging Griffin all morning long. The two of them have not been a good combination. Finally after harrasing each other all morning, I caught a glimpse of the love they truly have for one another.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Who needs a chocolate bunny?

When you can have this in your Easter basket. He is more delicious than any chocolate bunny could ever taste!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Easter Eggs

Dye, beads, stickers, glitter, paint and sparkles... what could be more "eggciting". Trevor and Nolan colored eggs this morning. Nolan spent a lot of time on his eggs and Trevor was rather quick to decorate his.


Trevor and Nolan took Griffin down our slide for the first time. Griffin absolutely loved it. So much fun. I am so looking forward to playing outside with the boys when it is warmer.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Pillo Hockey

Trevor and Nolan just finished their last game of pillo hockey. They had a great time playing on the Hershey team. Nolan enjoyed the face-offs and being goalie. Trevor loved being where the ball was. Great job, boys!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Must Have!

Here is a sneak peek at what is hot for Spring...
...A delicious little boy in a seersucker bucket hat. Couldn't you just eat him up? Wait until you see the whole outfit... so cute.

An emotional couple days

In this picture Griffin is doing one of his new favorite things: when he gets upset he throws himself on the floor, hides his face crying and kicks his feet. I can totally relate to how he is feeling. I wish I could throw myself on the floor and just cry. If only this behavior were acceptable for an adult to display.
This week has been more difficult than I ever imagined it would be. We miss Spencer terribly and we all are having a very hard time wrapping our mind around the way he died. It is very hard to lose a pet, but even more difficult to lose your beloved dog in such a horrifying, preventable way. I will forever remember Spencer's smile. He would never smile on command, only when he was really happy would he grin at us. I will miss him this summer when we go out on the boat. He loved to go on the pontoon boat with us and was always so good on the boat. Spencer was always sensitive to our feelings. When I was upset, Spencer was always there to comfort me. As the weeks go on, I hope that the sadness, anger and hurt are replaced with all the wonderful memories we will forever have of our four-legged family member, Spencer Tracy.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

With a heavy heart...

we must say goodbye to Spencer Tracy. Our happy, sweet, spoiled family dog, Spencie died yesterday. Although he lived with my mom, he had been our family dog for 14 years. He was a wonderful dog. He loved riding on the boat and just going anywhere with people. He had a good life, I just wish it did not have to end so horribly. Spencer, we will miss you and we will always have fond memories of you.