Friday, April 3, 2009

An emotional couple days

In this picture Griffin is doing one of his new favorite things: when he gets upset he throws himself on the floor, hides his face crying and kicks his feet. I can totally relate to how he is feeling. I wish I could throw myself on the floor and just cry. If only this behavior were acceptable for an adult to display.
This week has been more difficult than I ever imagined it would be. We miss Spencer terribly and we all are having a very hard time wrapping our mind around the way he died. It is very hard to lose a pet, but even more difficult to lose your beloved dog in such a horrifying, preventable way. I will forever remember Spencer's smile. He would never smile on command, only when he was really happy would he grin at us. I will miss him this summer when we go out on the boat. He loved to go on the pontoon boat with us and was always so good on the boat. Spencer was always sensitive to our feelings. When I was upset, Spencer was always there to comfort me. As the weeks go on, I hope that the sadness, anger and hurt are replaced with all the wonderful memories we will forever have of our four-legged family member, Spencer Tracy.

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