Monday, June 29, 2009

Griffin is 17 months

Happy 17 Months, Griffin!You can not even imagine how much joy you have brought to your family. It has truly been a VERY happy 17 months. You continue to be a very happy, easy going baby. This last month has been tougher than most for you and you had some off days, but only because you have been suffering with an ear infection and the side effects of antibiotics for the good majority of June. Little Finn Parker (as I call you), you are growing out of the baby stage and into such a toddler. I love all the things you are doing now but I must say I miss my cuddly, non mobile, sweet smelling baby. This is what has been going on in Finns world:
  • You have become so much more verbal saying blue, battery and dog (just to name a few).
  • You love to explore and you are very BUSY. You keep us all on our feet.
  • You have discovered the TV and you love Blues Clues. You are so cute. You ask for "blue" and you very intently watch the episodes.
  • You have been loving your Gia lately... are you going to be a Gia's boy?
  • You love to play outside!
  • You love, love, love guacamole and avocado.
  • You have lots of names we call you: Finn Parker, Finn, Griffy, Finny Finny, and The Crime Dog (Aunt Ashleigh's fav).

As much as I miss the baby you were, I love to see you grow and to see you personality develop. You are such a funny boy. We love you more and more every day!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Great American Camp In

Last night Rob and the boys were supposed to camp out as part of the Great American Camp Out, but do to the RAIN (the seemingly never ending RAIN) they canceled the overnight camping. So tonight the boys have decided to camp IN. Griffin even decided to take part. He so wants to be one of the big boys! It will be the first night the big boys sleep downstairs by themselves (Griffin will not be sleeping downstairs with them)... lets see how long they last!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Great BIG Thank You

To TG for my Great BIG Chair. I absolutely love it. It is the first thing I went to this morning with a huge smile and a delightful squeal (I may have even dreamed about it last night)! I am so very proud of myself when I gets up in my chair. I grin ear to ear! Thank you TG. I love you! Love, Griffy

Pack them up...

...and send them off!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Show us where you live Friday- Master Bedroom.

This week Kelly's Show Us Where You Live is a tour of the Master Bedroom.

I was not going to participate this week because I think my bedroom is looking tired. It needs a change. I was thinking about maybe painting my bedroom furniture but I am not sure what color I would paint it. I was thinking maybe black or brown or cream. What do you think? I would also like to change the bedding and curtains... oh one of these days. I made the upolstered headboard, which I like. I would like it better against a different color paint. I had every intention of painting the room 4 years ago but have yet to do it. So this is the master bedroom.
Thanks for stopping by. See you next week.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Couple of Firsts.

It was the first sunny day of Summer. (Okay, maybe not the first, but we certainly have not had sun in a long time). It was a little humid for my liking, but I am not going to complain, it is better than rain. This afternoon was beautiful, blue sky and a nice breeze.

The boys played outside with some neighborhood kids. Trevor was so sweet to Griffin. He pushed him around on his bike and helped him with all of his adventures. It was so cute to watch. He also shared his juice box with Griffin. This was a first for Griffin. He had never before had a juice box. He loved it. Here he is drinking the juice with his brother.
This is Nolan showing his friend how to be a monkey and hang upside down.

It was quite refreshing to see the sun. Hopefully it will last for a few more days (although the weather says rain again tomorrow).

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Sun, Sun, come out wherever you are.
I can't remember the last time we saw the sun. It has been a gloomy, WET June. We need the sun to return! There are so many outside activities the boys and I would like to play. We are all starting to go a little crazy being stuck inside. I have to say VBS could not be a better week. At least the boys get to get to have a change of scenery with some of their friends. Sun, please come back. We would love to catch some of your rays. The boat, the water guns, soccer balls and beach towels would all like to have an opportunity to be used. We hope you return soon. We really do miss you!

Monday, June 22, 2009

What better way... spend a rainy, dreary Father's Day then to

stay in pajamas.

play board games.

and eat chocolate frosted cake.

Sorry we could not make the sun shine for you, Daddy. I hope you enjoyed your day. We love you.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Those are some Big Shoes to Fill.

Griffin may not realize yet how big those slippers of his dad's are to fill. As he gets older he will see, just like his brothers do, how much dad does for them. He is the best father I have ever seen. He is always there to play with the kids. He never tires of it, whether it be playing ball or reading a book. He is so proud of his boys and loves to spend time with them. He is very dedicated to his family and always chooses us above all else. The boys have a wonderful role model for a father. I am very lucky to have him as the father of my children and the boys are so incredibly fortunate to be able to call him DAD! Happy Father's Day to the most amazing father. We love you!

We also have to wish the best papa in the world a great day. Happy Father's Day to Papa. We love you.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Show Us Where You Live- Playroom

This week Kelly's Show Us Where You Live is all about playrooms. We have converted our never used dinning room into the boy's playroom. We removed the chandelier and replaced it with a standard light. We moved the formal dinning room furniture to the basement and the rug to the living room. We brought in all the boys toys but that is about as far as we have gotten. I should put some kid prints on the wall, maybe even replace the curtains. It is on that list. The room looks pretty uninspiring in its present state... oh well, it does not stop the boys from playing!

Anyways, here is Trevor and Nolan's playroom. This is a view with the french doors open from the kitchen.

This is the view looking into the kitchen.

Here is the enormous entertainment center with lots of their toys. Games are below in the closed cabinets. This is where they play the Wii or watch a movie.

Thanks for stopping by. See you next week.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Allergy Tests

All of this...And we are still without answers to why Griffin reacts the way he does to soy and milk. The allergy testing determined that Griffin is not allergic to milk or soy. He is only slightly allergic to dogs. It is so frustrating to see him in such discomfort and have no answers as to why. The allergist suggests that we stay away from milk and soy for a few more months. After a few months, he thinks we should try to slowly reintroduce it and see if he reacts. If he does, we should wait another 3 months and try again. I am so discouraged. Oh well, maybe there is no medical diagnosis but his symptoms and pain are real. We don't need a medical reason to know that he is not able to tolerate milk and soy. Hopefully when we try to reintroduce it, all will be better.

Schools (almost) Out!

It is not a very good picture, but here are Trevor and Nolan on the first day of school.

And here they are on one of the last days of school (Wow, they have grown)

Where does the time go? As we wrap up another year of school, I find it hard to believe how much my boys have grown. Trevor is 8 and will be going into the 3rd grade. He will be going to a new school in the Fall, a 3-5th grade school. Amazing. Trevor, I am so proud of you and all your accomplishments this year. You are an incredible reader and such a smart boy. Your teacher has told us repeatedly what a joy you are and how gifted and smart you are. Way to make Mom and Dad proud.

Nolan is going to be entering the 1st grade and full day school. I am also very proud of you, Nolan. You have made great strides in your reading and math. It is amazing that you started school not knowing how to read and now you are reading signs and books all the time. You made many new friends, had a wonderful teacher and school year. I have heard many great things about your 1st grade teacher and look forward to you having another great year of school.

Now boys, lets enjoy the summer. Sleep in late in the morning, play hard all day, get along with one another and have FUN (some of these things may be difficult, but lets at least try)!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Congratulations, Trevor.

Trevor made the Travel Soccer Team. Congratulations, Trevor. We are very proud of you. We are excited to see you play, improve and learn more about soccer. It is going to be a very busy but exciting Fall this year. Your dedication and determination will be needed for a crazy soccer schedule, but we know you can do it.

Also, this is my 100th post. I was planning to dedicate a post to this but with everything going on that is not going to happen. I hope to continue with at least 100 more. I have really enjoyed documenting the "everydays" of my family. I hope you have enjoyed reading, too.

My Grandmother.

My grandmother passed away yesterday afternoon. She was a wonderful, caring mother, grandmother, great grandmother, friend, sister and wife. She lived 92 wonderful years and she had recently come to a point where she was ready to go. Although we know she is better off and she went peacefully while sleeping, it is still very hard. Grammy was calm, kind and gentle with a very witty sense of humor. Grammy, you are already missed greatly. I love you and thank you for all the wonderful memories.

Monday, June 15, 2009

A Day Full of Doctors.

Look at my sweet little baby....
He is feeling just miserable. My usually happy, energetic, in-to-everything little guy has not moved from the couch. He is lethargic, needy and cranky. His eyes are glazed over, his skin is pale and he is radiating heat like a furnace. He has had a high fever since yesterday. I took him to his pediatrician this morning and (after a dose of motrin and tylenol) when we arrived his temp was 102.4. They checked his ear and after 10 days of amoxicillin, it is not better. It is actually much worse than it was 2 weeks ago. He is now starting some stronger antibiotics in hopes of this ear clearing up. If it does not we will once again have to start a round of antibiotic injections... ouch! Lets pray that the medicine will clear his ear up quickly. I also have to call the ENT to schedule an appointment. We may be getting a second round of tubes before the end of Summer... lucky Griffin.
After this little nap on the couch, we went to his GI follow up appointment. At this appointment we received some good news. It looks like his pancreas is working well and his intestines seem fine, too. There is evidence from his blood work that he does have some allergies and he will be following up with an appointment to an allergist to do scratch and prick skin tests... ouch, ouch. Hopefully we will get some answers soon and more importantly, hopefully Griffin will be feeling better. I hate to seem my little guy so uncomfortable. This is the worst yet. He is just not himself at all.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Sluggers

Nolan is much better at hitting a pitched ball then he is at hitting a ball of the tee. He will be very happy next year when he plays in the Farm League with coach pitched balls.
Every Saturday morning for the past 5 or so weeks has be spend watching the boys play baseball. One game to go... yea! Trevor is gearing up to go to SeaDogs baseball camp.

As you can see, some of my favorite pictures from baseball are not even of them playing. I love this one of Nolan in the woods watching his teammates go up to bat. Trevor looks as if he is saying a pray before going out to catch.

Then there is Trevor relaxing before his team is in the field.

Summer Splash

We went to an impromptu cookout at a neighbors house last night. We had a great time. The kids had a blast playing in this water blow up slide.
Griffin had fun looking cute. He stayed away from the water but he looks cool in his bathing suit. He was more interested in snacks then he was in the water.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Griffin has a new best friend.

Griffin has found the television. He loves to watch cartoons. He will sit right in front of the TV, as close as he can get and watch it for hours, okay not hours maybe more like minutes. Doesn't it look like his neck should hurt? Now I know the research says that he is too young to watch tv, etc... but with 3 boys and the need to get things done, I am thrilled that he will sit for 2 minutes (If it were not for the TV, this post would not be here). Blues Clues seems to be his favorite. I always wonder what it is about a particular show or toy that catches his eye. All three of my boys have had different favorites, even at a young age.

Show us where you live Friday- Bathrooms

It is that time again for Show us where you live hosted by Kelly. This week it is bathrooms.

This is our powder room. It is my favorite bathroom in my house. I love the white accents against the navy wall. The walls are Old Navy by Benjamin Moore. It is a very small bathroom. This is the view from the door.

I love the mirror about the sink. The mirror was more of a cream color with distressing but I spray painted it bright white.
This shelf has sea glass and some shells on it. The small shell was given to me by one of Nolan's best friends, Luke and I just love it. I think he found it on the beach in Florida. The picture is of Nolan and Trevor with my grandmother last time she visited New England (about 3 yrs ago). She is 92 and is not doing well. She loved the beach and I treasure this picture and the memories from her visit.
I will not bore you with the upstairs bathrooms. I am sure you do not want to see toothpaste in the sink and towels on the floor, ha. I have been looking for a new shower curtain for the boy's bathroom. I want a striped one with reds, blues and yellows. I found one awhile back at PBKids (it is no longer available) and I have not been able to find one since. The search is still on.
Thanks for visiting. She you next week.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Nolan and Griffin

I take the camera out and this is what Nolan does...
He loves to pose for the camera. He makes different faces and uses props. In a very unphotogenic family, he might be the most photogenic. He is such a ham!

With Griffin, it is a different story. When the camera comes out, he sits and poses but he does not give me enough time to snap the picture. He is up with his nose to the lens before I can even focus... this is what one would call a moving target. Lately, I have not been able to get a good picture of him. This is what I get...I am not complaining though. In this shot, you see one of my favorite things... his CURLS. I have been told repeatedly by many that I need to cut his hair. Maybe soon I will cave. It is getting long and unruly... but I just love the longer curls and that is what is in style... right? I also love these PJ's his TG (Godmother) got for him. They say "I'm a Big Deal!"... that is right... Griffin is a big deal!
This is the best shot I got of Griffin tonight... Got to love those brown eyes that will not make eye contact with the camera lens!

Trevor is not home this evening. He is at travel soccer tryouts. Good luck, Trevor.
Also, over at Fancy Schmancy Designs, there is a really cute giveaway of a personalized covered cake plate. I love cake plates.