Friday, June 26, 2009

Show us where you live Friday- Master Bedroom.

This week Kelly's Show Us Where You Live is a tour of the Master Bedroom.

I was not going to participate this week because I think my bedroom is looking tired. It needs a change. I was thinking about maybe painting my bedroom furniture but I am not sure what color I would paint it. I was thinking maybe black or brown or cream. What do you think? I would also like to change the bedding and curtains... oh one of these days. I made the upolstered headboard, which I like. I would like it better against a different color paint. I had every intention of painting the room 4 years ago but have yet to do it. So this is the master bedroom.
Thanks for stopping by. See you next week.


Family American Style. said...

Hi, I paint furniture and I am never disappointed on how it turns out. It transforms as you said a tired piece to a new piece. Check out My Cottage in the sky.

Beth Haley said...

you could leave your furniture the way it is (though I also love painting furniture) and do a statement color on one of the 4 walls -- I'd do like a deep chocolate on the wall your headboard is on and then accessorize with blue and brown bedding and maybe just matching light blue curtains. I love the wood's color on your furniture, it's absolutely timeless.

Sarah said...

Hi, Beverly!! Its great to meet you, thanks for stopping by my bedroom today. Seriously, this weather is killing me! We are going to be on Cape Cod for a week after July 4th and it had better get hot and sunny by then or I am going to be really mad:)

So happy to find another New England family! Where exactly do you guys live? And you're from CA? Oh no, you must be so used to sun and sun and sun, and not rain and snow and rain!!

Love your bedroom! I think freshening up the furniture with a coat of paint could be really pretty...what about a nice off-white/french-white/cream? Would look gorgeous with that headboard!! I can't believe you made that yourself, its amazing!

ButterYum said...

Extremely relaxing room... very spacious too. Nice job!

ButterYum said...

PS - pick your new bedding and window fabric first, then decide what color to paint your furniture. You'll love the transformation!

pumpkinpatches said...

Thank you so much for sharing! I also wanted to say that you have a beautiful family!