Monday, August 31, 2009

Back to School

Today Trevor starts the 3rd grade at a new school (a 3-5 school) and Nolan starts 1st grade. Nolan will be going full days for the first time. Wow, I think I need to stop and take a breath... they are growing so fast.
Trevor is excited for school. He loves his teacher and likes the idea of going to a new school, a bigger school! I just find it so hard to believe that he is starting 3rd grade. Where has the time gone?
Nolan is a little apprehensive. He really likes his teacher and so do I. Change can be hard for him. He will be fine after the first week, I am sure of it. It will just take so encouragements to get him to school today! I took Nolan into his class and we found his desk and he got right to coloring. His teacher is so sweet and I am positive he is going to have a great 1st grade experience.
I held my tears until both boys were at school and then they came streaming down! I am an emotional person and when it comes to my kids my emotions multiply!
The good news is that I get to spend the day with this little angel! We are going to do some shopping with a friend... that always cheers me up! We will have a good day and together we will miss Trevor and Nolan. I am sure I will be the first one at the bus stop to pick them up this afternoon!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Trevor's First Travel Soccer Game

What a day. Trevor had his first travel soccer game and I am so proud! He did great. His team did great.

This is before we left for his first game. He is wearing his home jersey for the picture but his game was an away game today, so for the game they wore a black jersey.
The game was so much fun to watch. The boys actually played their positions and worked as a team. Did I mention how proud I am?Trevor really got in there and fought for the ball. The team got off to a slow start, but when they warmed up, they warmed up. Our boys won the game 3-2. I am so proud of Trevor and his whole team.
They all worked so well together. It is going to be a fun season!They are undefeated so far (only one game in)... lets see if we can keep it up!
Great job, Trevor! Keep up the good work. Your determination shows! We are PROUD (I can't say it enough).

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Nineteen Months

Griffin is nineteen months today! This is hard... in one short month he is going to be 20 months. He is growing so fast. There are days I really miss the baby he was but he is still so sweet and cuddly... he makes it all okay. Lately, he has been a huge mommy's boy and I love it! He is just so sweet. He will come sit on my lap and without me asking he will give me a kiss. It just melts me.

He loves to look at books or have books read to him. His favorite is a bright, colorful book about fish.
Griffin loves music and he loves to dance. He has recently added some new moves to his classic Griffin move of dancing in a circle.He has discovered his brothers ride on motorized cars and he loves, loves them. He likes his brothers to take him for rides and sometimes he will even drive (but he does not steer yet).He loves to be outside. He will get his shoes and sit down for us to put them on. He will point and say "side". He enjoys his swing and loves climbing the play structure. He now goes down the slide on his tummy, feet first. He has not been the best, most balanced eater lately. He will eat goldfish for breakfast, lunch and dinner. He still loves guacamole and salsa. He is not a huge sweet eater. He is loving drinking out of his sippy cups and is very particular about which ones he wants to use.He has started taking his arms out of his car seat straps. I get so upset when we arrive somewhere and I notice he has one arm out of his straps. I have tried to be better about making them tighter. He loves to throw things. Balls, juice cups, food, the contents of mommy's bag... if it is in reach of Griffin it has the potential to be thrown across the room.

He is still have stomach issues and will be seeing a GI Doctor in the next week and a half.
He loves his big brothers. He will chase them around and tackle them on the floor.
He is a wonderful little boy. He is very busy exploring his world. He is outgoing, happy and sweet. We just love him to pieces. Happy 19 months, Griffin!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Guess who came down our road today.

The Ice Cream Truck!!!

This was Griffin's first popsicle and he loved it!!! His hands and face might be permanently red and blue, but it was worth it.

Monday, August 24, 2009

A day with Nana.

Today the boys and I spent a fun filled day with Nana. We went to the Children's Museum. We have not been in quite some time and I was worried that Trevor might be a little bored with it, but they all did great. Griffin absolutely loved running around and exploring. Trevor and Nolan enjoyed all the activities as well.

Trevor is bring the daily catch in from the lobster boat.
Nolan is out on an emergency call in the fire truck.
Griffin's favorite part was the little stream of water. He wanted to crawl in and take a bath. And when he was done playing, it looked like he did get a bath! Trevor and Nolan watched a star show. They came out of the show dizzy... not sure what that is all about. Here they are up in space.After the museum, Nana took us to lunch. At lunch, Griffin had a blast coloring. We are going to have to get his kid some crayons. The only problem, he also likes to eat the crayons.Thanks, Nana, for a great day!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cruising in the Caddy

Griffin took me for a ride.Then I took Griffin for a ride.We had a great ride, only my legs were a little cramped, ha! Griffin loves driving in his brothers car. He can put his foot on the petal and go... if only he could learn to steer. We crashed a few times, but that was fun too. He even likes to play with the radio controls... I wonder where he learned that from, Rob?

And no, Griffin does not have a dirty face. That is a nice bruise he got in the bath tub.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Nolan's 6th Splish, Splash Birthday Bash

Today we celebrated Nolan's 6th birthday. We had an outside water themed party with lots of water relays and sprinklers to cool off in. Today was hot and humid. Thunder showers threatened to "rain on our parade", but all we got was a passing shower which only added to the fun for 20 kids. A few pictures from the day... I am exhausted from the big bash so I have little to say... It was a great day! My mom made "sushi" and the kids loved it. It is made with gummy worms, rice crispy treats and fruit rolls. I think it is adorable!
As a joke a friend asked Nolan if he would rather have pink socks or a barbie for his birthday. So on top of his present was a barbie doll. Nolan was laughing so hard he almost fell out of the chair. Happy Birthday, Nolan. I hope you enjoyed your day!

Friday, August 21, 2009

My Soccer Star

Trevor finished a week of soccer camp. This camp was geared toward the travel soccer teams. He played and practiced with the other kids on his travel team. The camp was coached by British soccer players. Trevor had a great time. He most enjoyed the scrimmages and beating the girls team (girls a year older than Trevor and his teammates). This week happened to be the HOTTEST week of the Summer. It was in the 90's with extreme humidity. He never complained!

This is my Soccer Star in the morning looking fresh before spending 7 hours playing soccer!

Unfortunately, I missed all of the games they played, but I was able to catch some of the skills and drills.I love the tongue... it helps with concentration!At the end of the week, they acknowledged each player individually. He received an evaluation and a shirt.Trevor was a trooper all week. He loved going to camp and looked forward to it every day. Today on the way home from his final day, he did say that now he can relax. He has next week off (other than 2 soccer practices and 2 games next weekend) before he starts school on August 31st. We are so proud of you, Trevor!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

To cut or not to cut?

First, before I get to my post and the reason for the title of my post... we seem to be having happier days! Yea!!! He is not back to his normal happy self but I have seen a huge improvement. Today or tomorrow, I should be getting the results of his tests. Griffin still has the diarrhea and the horrible rash but he seems to be in better spirits... don't you think? So what if he is living on a diet of milk and goldfish... we are doing whatever will make him happy right now. This morning he was acting quite goofy and we will take that... it is better than what he has been giving us. Now on to the title of the post... To Cut or not to cut?

That is the question?

It is a known fact that I love, love, love Griffin's hair. I love the curls. I love the longer less tamed look. But is it too much? Does he no longer look like a cute baby? Does he look more like a bum? I must say I am torn. I think I will cry a river when I cut the hair, but is it time? I still love his hair and I am leaning towards not cutting it short yet... maybe just a little trim. I would love to hear what you think... so should I cut his hair short or leave it longer?
And here is Griffin saying, "No, mommy, please don't cut the curls!"