Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Birthday

to my favorite sister, Ashleigh!I hope your day was not all work and you got to celebrate! Look forward to celebrating with you. I love you.

Trick or Treat

Here are my little Halloween treats:
First there is the amazingly smart and talented (he did win the dance competition last night at a local Halloween party) and cute Harry Potter.I also have a very funny, wild and crazy, San Diego Charger fan! New Englanders may not be thrilled with Nolan's costume, but he is a boy after his mom's own heart.
And finally I have the most adorable little lamb. This lamb is so cute, you might just want to eat him up with a spoon. He got many ooohs and aaaahs last night.I must say it was no treat being up with my lively Charger fan, Nolan, all night long with a horrible case of the croup. He was wheezing, coughing and breathing something awful. Today he is much better and hopefully tonight will be better since he received a dose of steroids at the doctors. As for Rob and me, we are exhausted. Hopefully we will make it to trick-or-treat and I hope I can get a good Halloween picture of the 3 boys together... stay tuned!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Flashback- Halloween 2008

These are my three favorite boys last year on Halloween.
Wow... it is amazing how much they have each grown... especially this little guy. Hard to believe but he was not even walking last year at this timeTomorrow I will post my sweet Halloween treats of 2009. Have a spooktacular Halloween (and pray for no rain)!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

21 Months

Griffin, 21 months... really, so soon? The next couple months are going to fly by and before we know it we will be celebrating your 2nd birthday. We have had a busy month and the time has passed quicker than I would like. So what is new with Griffin?
  • Griffin went on his first airplane, visited the West Coast for the first time and had a week long family vacation. The travel started out really rocky (crying for a 6 hour flight) but Griffin became quite the jet setter after a few days. He spent time in a hotel, a resort and a rented beach house. He loved the ocean and playing in the sand.
  • Griffin met some of my family (aunts, uncles and cousins) for the first time. They all thought he was absolutely adorable although he was a little shy and did not want to be held at all.
  • Griffin still loves Blue but he is expanding his horizons with some Little Einsteins and Oswald.

  • He loves look at books and be read to. Currently one of his favorites is The Very Hungry Caterpiller.

  • Griffin's stomach issues finally seem to be under control. He is on a dairy free diet and it is helping (Thank goodness!) He loves his rice milk, rice yogurt and rice ice cream (thanks, Gia). He also loves pizza (without cheese) and pasta. He still loves his guacamole and salsa.

  • He loves to climb. I am forever removing him from the kitchen counter and table.

  • He has really started noticing trucks. He loves when big trucks go by and has been playing a lot with his toy trucks.

  • Griffin is really good at entertaining himself. He will take all his toys out and play by himself for quite awhile.
  • He is very, very busy. He loves to be on the go and run!

  • He loves balls. He loves to throw and make baskets.

  • He is finally sleeping (half the night) in his crib.

I just can't get enough of this little boy. He is so sweet and cuddly yet active and all boy. I just want to eat him up. He has the cutest expressions and the sweetest laugh. It is hard to believe that 2 is just around the corner... I will not think about that and just love my sweet 21 month old baby (or should I say toddler). Griffin, we love you more and more every day. I am so proud to be your mama! Happy 21 wonderful months, Finn!

Monday, October 26, 2009

A Beautiful Sunday.

Yesterday was an beautiful day. It was a day that had it been Summer we would have expected and not fully appreciated. But yesterday after cold, rainy, soggy weather we very much appreciated the beautiful day. We played outside. We soaked up the sun knowing that these sunny, warm days are number now. We put hoses and patio furniture away in anticipation of the impending Winter. Trevor's 3 soccer games were cancelled due to Saturday's soaking rain. It was a bummer. Not only was Trevor disappointed, but it would have been the perfect Fall day to sit and watch his games. We are scheduled to make the games up next Sunday. Let's hope next weekend is as nice as yesterday was!

We watched some football. It was a happy day here. Both the Chargers and the Patriots won their games! We played some football. Griffin has really been working on his pass. Go long, Griffy!

It was a great day. Hope you all enjoyed your weekend.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Griffin is loving him some rice yogurt! Yum Yum! I am so glad he likes it because I tasted it and thought yuck. He insists on feeding himself and by the time he is done he is covered in the stuff.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Show Us Your Life- Fall Decorations

Kelly is hosting a Fall Decorations blog hop today.I love the Fall. Some of my favorite decorations are the trees in beautiful colors all around my home. I do decorate some for the Fall but not a lot. My decorating style has become very minimalistic with 2o month old around. Griffin loves to redecorate (a.k.a. rearrange, break, destroy) for me so I have been putting more things away than I have been putting them out. Here he is sitting on a decorative plant.
This is my front door. It has been so cold around here that even the mums I have planted have seen better days. I don't like a lot of things on my kitchen counter so I always try to decorate this corner cabinet for the seasons.My table in the entry way. I can't tell you how many times I have had to refill this with candy corn, yum!I love these chair covers that I put on my bar stools. Trevor wanted to decorate the outside. I am not a big fan of this other than putting up a wreath and getting pumpkins. Last year I got him a tombstone per his request. He says one is not enough... not sure how many he wants... I will have to look for more on sale after Halloween.And a sneak peak at 2 of my favorite Halloween decorations. Happy Autumn!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Getting back to routine?

UPDATE: Griffin must be reading my blog. He took a 3 hour nap today! Yippeee! I am not sure if I am more impressed that he took a 3 hour nap or that he is reading at 20 months! Keep it up Griffin, how about we sleep through the night tonight! I still feel like I am trying to catch up from our trip to California. Griffin seems to finally be getting back to himself... he seemed a little jet lagged for about a week. He still needs to get his sleep routine back to normal. Hey Griffin, if you read this... please work on sleeping through the night, waking at a decent hour (and by decent I mean not before 6) and taking good naps! Griffin's favorite part of the trip was playing at the beach. He is still a little young to fully appreciate the zoo and too little to enjoy the rides at LegoLand. He did love, love, love the beach though. He loved playing in the wet sand (he hated the rest of the sand) and splashing in the water. I am still trying to find half of the stuff we took on the trip. Besides my mind, it seems we lost a lot of things. My bright pink Ipod is gone. I miss my Ipod and my music. Hopefully whoever found it will appreciate my music! Rob's new Seadogs hat is MIA. Not sure where or how we lost this one. And just today, I went to charge my dead camera battery for hockey tonight only to find out my charger is amongst the missing. Hopefully we will find my charger. I am not happy about my Ipod or Rob's hat but I CAN'T live without my camera charger.Why is it that a one week vacation takes weeks and weeks to recover? I now need a vacation to recover from our vacation- ha! It may sound like I am complaining, but I would not have traded the week for anything. It was a great time even though I am now music and picture less!

Monday, October 19, 2009

My Jack-O-Lantern.

I have my very own adorable jack-o-lantern. Nolan lost a tooth on the bottom. Now with a tooth missing on the top and one on the bottom, he looks like a jack-o-lantern right on time for Halloween.
The tooth fairy has yet to visit. Nolan is not ready to say goodbye to his tooth. Maybe tonight he will be ready to place it under his pillow for a visit from the tooth fairy.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Vacation Part 5, LegoLand

LegoLand is what the boys were looking forward to on this trip more than anything else. They spent hours on the LegoLand website studying the map and researching the rides. It did NOT disappoint. The boys loved LegoLand and so did we. The park was very clean and manageable (much more manageable than Disneyland). Since it is the off season, there were hardly any lines. It was great. When we first entered the park we were greeted by some life size lego people. We got to battle with a life size lego Darth Vader.The rides were great. Our favorite ride was the Test Drivers roller coaster. It was fun and the line was minimal. We went on it 3 times and then Dad went on it with them once. Trevor even got to participate in a 45 minute robotics game.The most amazing thing was the lego cities. They had some of the major cities all built out of legos. Some of the cars and people even moved. It was incredible and the pictures do not do it justice. I could have spent all day in this part of the park. There was so much to see. Here is Trevor overlooking San Fransisco with New York City in the background. This is San Diego. Mardi Gras in New Orleans.
The most amazing one. It looked like the real thing. The inauguration of President Obama.
Las Vegas
New York City
And a little bit of our home!There is also a water park that we did not spend too much time at. The park is only open, at this time of year, from 10-5. We got to see and do most of the park, but we could have spent an additional day here. We were there when it opened and we closed the park down. It was a great day. I am so glad we decided to do this instead of one of the larger parks in LA. It was perfect for us, the ages and interests of our boys. The boys say this was their favorite part of the vacation!