Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Birthday Party

Yesterday we celebrated Griffin's second birthday with family, friends and Blue.
He loved opening presents. Well, he loved opening his first present and then he just wanted to play with that one.
His face lit up when he saw his cake with Blue on it. He had fun playing with the cake, but surprisingly he ate very little of it.

So sad. It is all over until next year.

Friday, January 29, 2010


Happy Birthday, Griffin!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cheese Please.

Today while I was busy in the other room, Griffin took a whole shaker of thisand spread. it. all. over. my. family. room. carpet.
He made his own personal sandbox out of Parmesan cheese. I should have taken a picture of my smiley boy drawing pictures in the cheese, but I was too blazing mad. I hope he did not eat to much of it seeing he is allergic to it. My family room now smells like an Italian restaurant. If I have not said it lately, this BOY is into EVERYTHING!

A Request.


I know it is your birthday tomorrow and you are the one that should be receiving the gifts, but could you please give your mom and dad a gift? We would love for you to sleep through the night. You are almost 2 and I don't think asking you to sleep through the night is an unreasonable request. Just so you know, you will be the one that reaps the benefits... mom and dad will be happier, more willing to play with you and much less cranky. It would also do you good. A good nights sleep is so important. What do you think, Griffin? Could you give it a try? It would be appreciated by all of us.


Monday, January 25, 2010


Last night with a little help from Children's Motrin, Griffin went from a 102 FEVER to dance FEVER. Dance
to theMusicGriffin has a little truck that plays music. He repeatedly played the music and would dance, dance, dance. It was so funny... he had all of us dancing, too.
Not sure what the temperature was all about but it broke quickly and put him in a great mood after many hours of being cranky. The temperature returned in the night, maybe it is molars, not sure. This morning he has a fever again... we will just have to see how the day goes.

Friday, January 22, 2010

In One Week...

...Griffin is going to be TWO.

This is a little trip down memory lane. These last two years have been incredible. It is amazing to see how much he has grown and changed and we look forward to many more milestones!
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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Back to reality.

I had a great time in NYC. We ate a lot of great food, drank a lot of great drinks and hung out with a lot of great people. I was horrible about taking pictures. I did not want to lug my camera around everywhere with me. I did finally bring my camera out on Sunday for the big game... you know the one... the one where the Chargers were going to beat the Jets... well we all know how that ended. It was not the ideal ending to a wonderful weekend. We felt pretty deflated after that lose. So here we are back to reality, the reality of winter and the snow that will not stop falling, the reality that the Chargers can't win in the post season no matter how good the team is and the reality that laundry continues to pile up even when you are not home. I had a great time away but I was happy to come home to see my boys!

Friday, January 15, 2010

A weekend Away.

I am off to the Big Apple for a girls weekend with my mom and Debbie to visit my sister.
I am so excited to go see Hair (thanks Ian).
On Sunday, I am going to watch the Chargers beat the Jets! Go Chargers! This may be a little scary since I will be in Jets territory.
I am going to have a few of these
and just RELAX.
I am going to miss my 4 favorite boys, but I know they are going to have a great time at Papa and Nana's. Have a great weekend.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Who loves you?

I always ask Griffin who loves him. For the longest time he would give me a blank stare in response. But lately, when I ask him who loves him, his response is "blue". Oh, Griffin has a lot to learn. I am sure that blue fuzzy dog would love him if she really got the opportunity to know him, because really who couldn't love my adorable brown eyed boy. I am waiting for the day that he replies "mama". I guess he has yet to learn that all the kisses and hugs and I love you's I give him during the day mean that I love him (more than blue ever will)! Hey Griffin, the correct answer is mama.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

So Proud!

Trevor came home from school yesterday with a award for Outstanding Display of the Village School Code of Conduct in the area of Responsibility. I could not be more proud. He is such a wonderful young man and it is so nice that his teachers and peers recognize it too! One of the definitions under responsibility is "when we say we will do something, we do it." Trevor says he always tries to do what he says. I feel so fortunate to have such a hard working, compassionate, responsible son! Way to go, Trevor. We are so proud of you and love you so much!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Griffin in a Box.

Who needs all these toys?Griffin does not. He has spent more hours the past couple of days playing in this brown box than with his shinny, bright toys!
He has put toys in the box and himself with the toys in the box. He has sat on top of the box. He has pushed the box around the floor. For 2 days, this box was his best friend.
The box was lovingly used and abused and now is in the recycle bin because it was no longer capable of holding Griffin nor his toys.

He will have to play with his toys, until the next box arrives.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Where Have I Been?

Wow, I have not posted since last Wednesday... what is going on? Well let me tell you. I have taken very few pictures because I have been busy. I wish I could say I have been busy doing fun stuff but no. I have been busy spending hours on the phone with Dell trying to get my computer exchanged, jump starting Rob's car (dead battery), dealing with an almost 2 year old who thinks he no longer needs to nap and doing tons of laundry. Hopefully tomorrow I will have a post and it will be more exciting then my complaining!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

This Afternoon

After school today Nolan decided he wanted to make cookies for his teacher. Although I was not really in the making cookies mood... how can you say no to such a sweet request. So cookies he and I made. Nolan is so giving and thoughtful. I just love that about him. So who cares about making dinner, it will just have to wait... for now we are making cookies for his lovely teacher.
While Nolan and I were making cookies, Griffin was up to some mischief of his own. He decided that wearing pants is totally overrated. Why do you need pants when you have a big bulky diaper on. Ummmm Griffin, did you get the memo about it being 25 degrees outside. Oh well, I am picking my battles these days and I am not going to fight this one... so what if it is cold and he only has a diaper on... as long as he keeps the diaper on. And thus far he has. Tomorrow I can guarantee he will be wearing some overalls... ha, Griffin, I'll show you!

Monday, January 4, 2010


Today was one of those days where if I could have, I should have just gone back to bed.

Griffin has been a little beastly today, as only a 2 year old can be. He had his post op appointment and he acted like a crazy boy in the waiting room. Others in the waiting room were not so impressed by his antics, nor was I. He was all over the place. He had a few temper tantrums as only a 2 year old can perform. He keep kicking his boots off and running around the chairs. He wanted me to chase him and he found himself quite amusing... again the others in the waiting room nor I found him all that amusing. I had worked up quite a sweat by the time Griffin's name was called. So all that for the 2 minute appointment. Good news is his ears look great... that is a huge relief... hopefully these tubes will last for awhile. The bad news is that he is back on antibiotics. He has had a horrible cold for almost 2 weeks and the doctor thought we should treat it. So I am going to blame this wild behavior on him not feeling well... it certainly can't be normal behavior from my sweet little boy, haha! And a note to myself, have daddy take him to his next doctors appointment!

I was so looking forward to bringing him home, feeding him lunch and putting him down for a nice nap and some much needed peace for me! Griffin had other plans, he sleep on the way home... and that was it for his nap.

Oh, well. Just one of those days. I have to smile because I know it could be a lot worse!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Snow Report

This is the snow report live from our house.The snow is slowly falling from the sky leaving a beautiful blanket of white on the trees, house and ground. And there is no sign of the snow stopping. At least for today.
So it is recommended that you stay off the street, let the plows go to work while everyone else enjoys some snow!
Get outside.
Shovel the walkway.
Make a snow angel.
Practice a little snow boarding.
Do some tubing.Throw some snow ballsOr entire shovels of snow.And when you come in from the snow, enjoy some hot chocolate and a little afternoon nap.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Future Pirate

Last night we went to the Pirates game, not so much to ring in the New Year with the Pirates or to even watch the Pirates game... we went to watch our star, Nolan take to the Pirates Ice in a hockey game.

With his team, he got to high five the Pirates as they were introduced. (Nolan is the one with the orange tape on his black helmet.)He played a quick game between periods. (He is maroon, number 8.)
He even got to hang out with Salty Pete.Since it was New Years Eve, after the game the largest indoor firework display in New England was put on. Sounds impressive... not so much. It was fun and all, but fireworks indoors are pretty limiting.
It was a great evening. Nolan just lights up at the games. We were three rows back from the ice so every time a player was slammed into the glass we would hear it. I keep asking Nolan if he still wanted to play hockey after watching all the aggressiveness. He says he absolutely does and I have no doubt he will.