Thursday, July 29, 2010


Griffin you are 2 and half years old today!
You are everything they say 2 year old's are. You are Mister Independent. You can do it and you do not want any help! You want things your way and on your terms and you know without a doubt exactly what it is you want. You have perfected fit throwing and whining.
The majority of the time you are happy, happy, happy. You always have a big, huge smile on your face that lights up the room. Your laugh is contagious and oh so sweet. You are so sweet and affectionate. You love to give big kisses, hugs and cuddles. You always pat our backs when we hug you and I just adore that. You love your family and think your brothers are pure entertainment. You wake up in the morning saying "Buzz" and you go to sleep at night saying "Buzz". You can't get enough of Toy Story. You love to watch the movie and play with your Buzz toy. You also like Cars and Yo Gabba Gabba.
You are finally (on most nights) sleeping through the night. Wow, it was a long road to get to this point. We put you in bed lay with you for a minute or two and then say good night. You fall asleep on your own and stay asleep all night long. We have the same routine at nap time and most days you will go to sleep. Some days you stay up talking to yourself and never actually nap. You still need a nap or else we have one cranky boy on our hands!
We have been working really hard on talking. You are delayed in speech but that is no surprise considering all of the ear issues you have endured. Even though you don't say much, you understand everything we say. You have such a sweet little voice and we love the hear you talk to us. Your favorite words are more, Buzz, Oh-no and juice. You have started to string a few words together and we are so happy about that.You are incredibly physical. You climb, kick, jump, catch and run like you have been doing it for years. You can dribble a soccer ball and at Trevor's soccer camp, the coach said you were a natural. You love to throw and catch balls. You can pedal you bike at super speeds. You are an adorable dancer and love to get down to the beat of the music.There are days where you absolutely exhaust me but I would have it no other way. You are just so sweet and those big doughy brown eyes and long curly eyelashes just melt me. I could just kiss your sweet chubby cheeks for hours. You are so incredibly loved.It seems like yesterday I was holding a wiggly 7 pound baby and on the other hand it seems like you have been here forever... maybe that is because you were meant to be! You complete our family and it is whole because of you.
Griffin, I love you (as Buzz would say) to infinity and beyond. I cherish every minute with you. You are a true joy! I look forward to watching you grow and see who you become... in time. Right now I am enjoying having my sweet toddler.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Just Because...

I missed him so!

The house is not as active, happy, wild or crazy without him. He had fun with Nana and Papa. He got to eat all his favorite foods (clam chowder, steak) and touch a shark and swim, but I am glad he is back at home where he belongs!

Friday, July 23, 2010


Did you ever blow a bubble,
a bubble, a bubble?
Did you ever blow a bubble,
so shinny and round?
Did you ever blow a bubble,
a bubble, a bubble?
Did you ever blow a bubble,
so sparkling and light?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Not in Kansas.

I would not believe it, if I did not see it... but a tornado, yes a tornado, touched down in our town last night.

I wish I had my camera because the massive trees up-rooted and barns leveled was unbelievable. I could not get home. Trees had fallen on either side of my street. I was stranded for awhile. Rob was home, in the dark without power, with Trevor and Griffin.

Trevor did not seem to nervous about the storm. He was too tired from soccer camp.
Griffin was oblivious to the storm. This morning he was upset when we found out that the DVD player is no longer working. He wants "Buzz" and he keeps telling me over and over.Looks like we will be going out to by a new DVD player today.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Now that I am working part time, the Summer schedule has become quite a juggling act. No two weeks are the same... we are all going in different directions, except for Griffin. He gets to go to preschool twice a week on the days I work.

Today I packed Nolan up and sent him to spend a few days with Nana and Papa on the lake. Lucky him! He was so excited to go spend some alone time with his nana and papa. I am sure they will be very busy with swimming, fishing and crafts. I will sure miss my wild child. The house will certainly not be the same without him!

Trevor is spending the week at a soccer camp. He is having a great time and coming home exhausted! Thankfully, the weather is a little cooler this week than last week. Today he came home with a red face, arms and neck. We forgot the sunscreen... oops! Actually it is not bad considering he was outside all day long.
Griffin has a new best buddy. He is loving Buzz these days. He can't get enough of him. It is so cute. He watches the movie over and over. He gets so excited about Buzz... too cute!
Well, I am off to relax tomorrow... I have to work... ha! Sometimes I really do feel like work is a vacation... so sad.

Monday, July 19, 2010


Buddies least for right now.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Brain freezing

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Boys at the Beach

One of my favorite friends invited the boys and me to their beach home. Trevor, Nolan and I (Griffin spent the day with Daddy) met up with some friends and their kids for a great day at the beach. There were lots of boys, 10 boys and only 3 girls. The boys were fish and spent the entire day in the water. They had so much fun splashing around in the water with friends. It was nice for me to be able to chat with friends... usually I am chasing Griffin around.It was so funny on the way home Nolan asked Trevor who he was going to marry. Trevor responded with a chuckle, " I don't know, but I am going to date LOTS of girls before I marry". Wow, the teen years are going to be fun around here! One day I will look back and long for the days that my boy's believed girl's had cooties.

Monday, July 12, 2010

A Weekend at the Keys

We spent the weekend at CoCo Key Water Park.

It was a great little family get away. The boys loved the water park and spent an entire day and a half splashing around.

Griffin had fun swimming and sliding.

He was so funny at the top of the water slide.

He would dance around and smile before he would go down the slide. He thought he was everyone's entertainment. Other kids in line just wanted him to go down the slide. Sliding on his belly was his favorite. He would laugh and smile all the way down. He repeated this about 50 times.

Trevor and Nolan were so good to each other all weekend long. It made me so happy to see them getting along and enjoying each other. They spent most of the time on the big water slides. They went down together over and over smiling the whole time. They also went alone, but they seemed to enjoy tubing together much better. I even got brave and went down the tubes with them a few times (and it was actually fun).

One of my favorite rides was the slow moving river. Trevor and I loved cruising around the river in a tube. Nolan would race around the river as if it were the Grand Prix. He does not get the relaxing part at all.

The trip was perfect. We ate,

relaxed and

played really hard.

Griffin did not sleep well at the hotel. The lack of sleep and all the swimming has left all of exhausted.

The boys are already asking when we can go back. I am sure we will be back soon. We all had such a wonderful time.