Sunday, February 27, 2011

Snow, Snow...

And more Snow.  When you have already received a massive amount of snow fall this winter, and it snows 10 more inches two days ago and it is snowing right now... what do you do?  If you are the boys, you go sledding!

Trevor was the first one out and the last one in.  He loves the snow.  After using the snow tube repeatedly, he decided (by the advice of Nolan) to use his stomach as a sled. 
Griffin had such a difficult time walking in the snow, which is no surprise seeing we have more inches of snow than Griffin is tall.  He did not love the walking back up the hill, but he loved, loved the ride down.
Nolan , in typical Nolan fashion, was jumping and rolling down the hill.  He also tried his stomach as a sled stunt and had a blast.  When he came in, he had snow everywhere!
So even though the boys had fun in the snow, I am officially over the snow.  I am tired of dreaming about the sun and warmer weather, I am ready to live it!

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