Wednesday, March 9, 2011

An Eventful Morning.

This morning was quite eventful.  At the bus stop Nolan slid on ice and hit his head on the fire hydrant.  Wow, did it bleed (I had no idea how much heads could bleed)! Nolan was so scared, upset and in lots of pain.  He asked a million questions about what they would do at the Urgent Care (this reminded me so much of me... I always have hated medical procedures and I always want to know everything they are going to do).  He also told me on the way to Urgent Care that this was not his week, an ear infection and now this. 

When we arrived, they took his blood pressure which was 149/87.  The nurse asked if he was nervous... you think?!?  He knew he did not want any stitches.

The doctor gave him the options of stitches (which would probably leave a smaller scar) or the glue (not sure the technical name) and stari strips.  He told us all that scars are cool and he wanted the glue.  Haha.  I am sure it had more to do with not wanting stitches then thinking scars were cool.
He wanted to go to school, so he did.  When he got home he told me that people were asking him if he was famous, because of all the attention he was receiving.

His head is still sore, but he does not seem bothered by it at all now.  Looks like he will be one cool kid with a scar on his forehead!

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