Thursday, March 3, 2011

Full Plate

I have been absent.  It is because I have been so busy and I am struggling to stay above water right now.  Most of it is good stuff that is keeping me busy, but it is all still stressing me out.  I just can't find the time to get my home clean and all of my obligations met.

Our weekend is so busy, we had to make a spreadsheet to figure out who is going where and with whom.  Trevor has 2 soccer games and a practice.  Nolan has a hockey tournament, which will end the years hockey season.  Trevor is also very busy getting ready for the Odyssey of the Mind State Competition.  This also keeps me very busy since I am a co-coach for the team. 

We have also had some sickness to add to all the craziness.  Griffin is still not feeling great.  I am hoping that a good nap today will help him to feel better.  His poor little eyes are all glazed over and he is just a little whinny and clingy.

I know that one day I will miss all the games and activities when my kids are grown but right now I am longing for our vacation.  A week spent on a tropical beach with no appointments, games, obligations or decisions more difficult than what tropical drink I want is what I am looking forward to!

Anyways, all this to say that I miss blogging and I will be back... soon... with pictures. 

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