Tuesday, March 8, 2011

More Ear Issues.

After ten days on Augmentin, Nolan still has an ear infection in his right ear. 
Last night he woke in tears complaining about ear pain.  It is so awful.  He is miserable and there is absolutely nothing we can do to elevate the pain.  The numbing drops don't work and the Motrin takes forever to kick in. 

Today he went to the doctors to confirm that his ear looks worse not better.  After the Augmentin, one would think they would be better.  He is now starting a course of stronger antibiotics.  I am praying this will work.  If this does not work, it will most likely mean surgery and for Nolan this would be tragic.  He is so terrified of medical procedures and he does not recover for anesthesia well. 

I am praying his ear clears and he starts to outgrow the ear infections.

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