Thursday, March 31, 2011


Tomorrow we are supposed to get a big snow storm.  Hello, did anyone tell Mother Nature that tomorrow will be APRIL.  Enough of the snow... it was finally melting.  I am guessing tomorrow school will be cancelled. 
Trevor's Odyssey team is deciding if we are going to go to World Finals in Maryland.  We went last year and it was an amazing experience.  Trevor is really hoping that the majority of the team wants to go because he really wants to go again.
Saturday is Trevor's big birthday bash with friends.  I think it will be a blast for the boys but a really, really long night for Rob and me.  I am trying to stock pile sleep now in preparation for a night of little to no sleep.
And this post has nothing to do with these pictures, but they are just too cute.  Griffin had fun wearing part of Trevor's costume for Odyssey.  Griffin and his vocabulary are growing like weeds.  He is becoming such a little boy (tear, tear).

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Griffin is so cute Mom