Saturday, April 30, 2011

Top 10, Vacation Recap (Part 3)

2.  Watching the joy on Trevor, Nolan and Griffin's face.  The we so excited and had so much fun.  It was such a treat to watch and experience this vacation through my kid's eyes.  They loved ordering drinks, having dessert with every meal, swimming whenever they wanted and just enjoying the sun.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Top 10, Vacation Recap (Part 2)

6.  The resort.  The resort and the location of the resort were beautiful.  The resort is on a tip so we had ocean on 2 sides of us.  The ocean on one side was very different from the ocean on the other side.  We preferred the ocean with less waves and cooler temperatures.
5.  Relaxing.  This vacation was all about relaxing.  We had lots of fun relaxing in the sun in the morning and sitting on the patio in the afternoons. 
4.  The dolphins.  The resort we stayed at has their own dolphin cove with 7 dolphins.  Most of our group had a great time swimming with the dolphins.  Nolan wanted to swim with them but was very scared once he got in the water.  He later regreted being scared.  Trevor loved swimming with the dolphins and says that the dolphins were his favorite part of the vacation.
3.  The blue water.  The color of the ocean is just amazing.  You really have to see it to believe it.  The colors are so vivid and so different at different depths of water.  Every day we would say, "Does the water look bluer today?"  Amazing!
More tomorrow...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Top 10, Vacation Recap (Part 1)

I am overwhelmed by the amount of pictures I have from vacation and how I am going to recap our trip here on my blog.  I decided the easiest way is with a top 10 (Letterman style) list.

10.  The iguana's.  They were so cool.  We loved watching them hanging out on the lawn and sunning on the rocks.  The way the run made us all crack up.
9.  The food and drinks.  We had some very delicious food.  Our favorite was the Mexican food which I was too busy eating to get a picture of!  Even better then the food were the drinks.  We had some great bartenders make us some fun fruity drinks.  Trevor became very fond of the virgin mud slides.  We got Griffin virgin margaritas but he preferred the ones with alcohol.  Nolan liked to drink coke, something he does not get at home often.
8.  The sand.  The sand was beautiful fine sand.  Griffin had a blast playing in the sand and building castles with his Gia.
7.  The sunrise and sunsets.  It was so peaceful early in the morning.  Not many people were awake at the resort and I enjoyed my alone (or alone with Nolan) time taking in the beautiful sites.
More to come tomorrow...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Just Returned.

Just returned from a wonderful family trip in Cancun.
Once I get settled and go through hundreds of pictures, I will be back to document the trip.

Monday, April 11, 2011


At school on Friday, Griffin had a little run in with a windowsill.
I think the windowsill won.  These pictures do not do justice just how swollen, bruised and blue Griffin's eyes and nose were.  It was painful to look at him.
After the accident he was upset for quite awhile.  Once he calmed down, it never seemed to bother him again.  He is one tough cookie.  His face is still swollen and bruised, but thankfully looks much better.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Boy, Did I Feel Old.

Last night I chaperoned a middle school dance.  Wow, what an experience.

First of all, middle school dances are much different than I remember.  When I was in middle school, boys were on one side of the gym and girls on the other and rarely, if ever, did the two meet!  Not the case now, the kids were all intermingling, slow dancing and getting closer than I think middle school kids should. 

Then the songs, some were foreign to me.  Although, I started to feel not quite so old when they played the macarana and the electric slide (although none of the kids knew how to do the electric slide).  The kids seemed to love the line dances.  There was one song where all the kids would fling their hair around.  I thought they were going to knock one another out.  They ended the dance with Stairway to Heaven, which put me right back to my middle school dance.  I think our dances always ended with that song, too.

What I learned from all this is that times have changed.  I would like to put a brick on Trevor's head and keep him in elementary school forever or the other option would be to just skip over middle school and high school.  I keep saying to myself, "Trevor will never be like that".  But who am I kidding, of course he will.

Oh, what I have to look forward to!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

In the Blink of an Eye

In a blink of an eye, Griffin went from this...

(bad pictures, from my phone)

to this...

He looks so grown up and yes, I am very sad about the new look.  I am the crazy mom at the hair salon with tears in my eyes as they cut my sweet boys hair.  I decided that he needed to get his haircut for our upcoming vacation.  I did not want to have to battle with the spray bottle and hairbrush every morning on vacation.  But, boy does he look different.  I just keep looking at him.  How can a haircut make someone look so different, so GROWN up?  He looks cute but I prefer the long hair.  I keep telling myself that it will grow back and it will!  By Fall, he will be sporting the longer, untamed look again.