Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Top 10, Vacation Recap (Part 1)

I am overwhelmed by the amount of pictures I have from vacation and how I am going to recap our trip here on my blog.  I decided the easiest way is with a top 10 (Letterman style) list.

10.  The iguana's.  They were so cool.  We loved watching them hanging out on the lawn and sunning on the rocks.  The way the run made us all crack up.
9.  The food and drinks.  We had some very delicious food.  Our favorite was the Mexican food which I was too busy eating to get a picture of!  Even better then the food were the drinks.  We had some great bartenders make us some fun fruity drinks.  Trevor became very fond of the virgin mud slides.  We got Griffin virgin margaritas but he preferred the ones with alcohol.  Nolan liked to drink coke, something he does not get at home often.
8.  The sand.  The sand was beautiful fine sand.  Griffin had a blast playing in the sand and building castles with his Gia.
7.  The sunrise and sunsets.  It was so peaceful early in the morning.  Not many people were awake at the resort and I enjoyed my alone (or alone with Nolan) time taking in the beautiful sites.
More to come tomorrow...

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