Thursday, April 28, 2011

Top 10, Vacation Recap (Part 2)

6.  The resort.  The resort and the location of the resort were beautiful.  The resort is on a tip so we had ocean on 2 sides of us.  The ocean on one side was very different from the ocean on the other side.  We preferred the ocean with less waves and cooler temperatures.
5.  Relaxing.  This vacation was all about relaxing.  We had lots of fun relaxing in the sun in the morning and sitting on the patio in the afternoons. 
4.  The dolphins.  The resort we stayed at has their own dolphin cove with 7 dolphins.  Most of our group had a great time swimming with the dolphins.  Nolan wanted to swim with them but was very scared once he got in the water.  He later regreted being scared.  Trevor loved swimming with the dolphins and says that the dolphins were his favorite part of the vacation.
3.  The blue water.  The color of the ocean is just amazing.  You really have to see it to believe it.  The colors are so vivid and so different at different depths of water.  Every day we would say, "Does the water look bluer today?"  Amazing!
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Savanah said...

I loved Cancun when we went last March and I want to go back so bad but I'm worried about the crime :-/