Thursday, June 30, 2011


When I was a little girl, I loved the movie Annie {and I still do}.  I remember, like it was yesterday, going to see the movie with my mom and sister.  I have such fond memories of going to see that movie.  We had just come out of a very difficult time and this is my first recollection of some very happy times. 

Not only did I love the movie but my sister and I loved to play Annie.  She was always Annie and I was always Molly.  We would recreate the movie and sing the songs.  I think we had all the Annie merchandise that was made: records, dolls, heart lockets.
Last night my mom sent Ashleigh and me to see Annie at a local theatre.  The show was great.  At times I had tears in my eyes and at other times I wanted to stand up and belt out the songs as if I were in the performance. 

Thanks, Ashleigh, for a fun night.  And thank you, mom, for taking me to the movies 28 years ago, creating such fond memories and recreating such wonderful memories!

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