Monday, June 6, 2011

Home Sweet Home

As much fun as it was to spend a girls weekend with my sister and mom in California and a week in Baltimore with Trevor, it is equally, if not better, to spend an unscheduled weekend at home.
(He wanted to look like Tom Brady, so he took it upon himself to decorate his face...haha)
We had fun hanging with friends, drinking margaritas, yard work (even that was not too bad), playing with the boys,
(The boys got Ireland Winter hats from Debbie and they insisted on wearing them.)
running errands, laundry (okay not so much fun), sleeping in our own beds, reading, enjoying the beautiful weather,
watching the Bruins (unfortunately lose), cuddling with Griffin, working on potty training (so not fun, but so necessary), planting flowers (or having Mom plant them for you),
catching up with family about their trip to Ireland, grilling outdoors and playing outdoor games.
The weekend was just perfect, exactly what we needed after a couple of very busy, very scheduled weeks.  It is going to be another busy week, but that is okay because after it all, we will have another fun weekend!

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