Friday, July 29, 2011


My sweet little boy is 3 and a half.  Three and a half, how did that happen?
Griffin continues to be a happy, easy-going boy.  His happy spirit is occasionally overcome by a strong-willed, stubborn boy, but thankfully that is not too often.

Griffin loves his school, friends (especially Cabot and Isiah) and his teachers.  In September, he will be moving into a new class.  He will be leaving the toddler class and going to the preschool class.  How is he old enough to go to preschool?  Griffin is continuing to have speech therapy and he is doing great.  He is talking so much more and is becoming more understandable with every day. 
His favorite color is yellow and his favorite food right now is Lunchables (any kind).  He loves the show Team Umizoomi and the movie Cars.  His favorite treat is popsicles and skittles.

He loves to play with cars and pretend to be a superhero.  He loves sports, swimming and playing outside.  He imitates his brothers and loves electronic devices.  It is absolutely adorable to hear him sing along with his ipod.  His favorite song is Dynamite.
He has put a smile on my face every single day for the past 3.5 years.  He is an absolute joy and we are so blessed to be his parents. 
"Young boys should never go to bed, they always wake up one day older."  - From Finding Neverland

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