Monday, July 18, 2011

The Pantry

I like no clutter visible in my home.  People often comment on how neat my home is.  But I have a confession.  My drawers, closets and basement are usually an absolute mess.  I put things out of sight so I don't have to see the clutter but the non visible places in my house are packed to the gills with all the clutter that I don't want to see. 

This weekend I decided that I needed to tackle my pantry and hopefully make so changes that will help keep it organized for awhile.  I spent a lot of time in my pantry because it doubles as my laundry room (and I always have laundry to wash or fold!).

Very embarassing but here are the before photos:
And (sigh) after:
I am hoping the bins will help me stay organized.  It is so nice walking into the pantry now.  I no longer need to worry about what is going to fall on me.

Now I need to tackle the rest of the closets, drawers and the dreaded basement.  That will be another day, for now I am going to enjoy my organized pantry!

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