Sunday, August 28, 2011


I have be dreading Hurricane (or in our case, Tropical Storm) Irene.  I am not one to want to spend the entire day home.  And then to think about losing power, with three kids home, all day long is not my idea of a good time.
So we prepared with lots of flashlights.  So far, we have not lost power...I am so thankful.
It has been good for me to be home today.  I got some things accomplished, that was much needed.

I made two different types of cookies with Trevor and Nolan.
We cleaned backpacks and prepared school supplies.  T and N are start school again on Tuesday, yippee!
Most importantly, we cleaned and organized the playroom.  We have officially removed all toys from the family room.  I love not having to see toys in the family room but it also means my baby is growing up.
Speaking of baby... here is Griffin being a ham today.
Now I am off to enjoy some wine and relax the rest of the day while Irene blows through.

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