Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mo or Faux


Nolan needs a haircut.  So today Debbie is taking him while I am at work.  He has been talking about getting a mo-hawk for quite a while now.  I must say I strongly dislike mo-hawks.  But being a hip, understanding mom (and knowing hair grows back) I said told Nolan he could do whatever he wanted, although I did strongly suggest a faux-hawk (because really they are adorable). 

So today when I come home from work I will see if it is mo or faux.  I am really, really hoping he opts for the faux!  I am sure I will be very upset if I see a mohawk.  I need to keep it in prospective, it is only hair and it will grow back! 

So stay tuned and this afternoon we will see if he went for the mo-hawk (please no) or the faux-hawk....

So his choice was....

A faux-hawk!!!
I am so happy and he looks adorable (if I do say so myself).

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Nolan will look cute in whatever
hair cut he gets. Even though I
am not crazy over mohawks. Love Mom