Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Swimming and Sunsets and More

We had another wonderful week at camp!
One of my most favorite things about camp is the sunsets. The sunsets are amazing and the pictures don't do them justice.
One of the boys favorite things about camp is swimming. They can spend hours in the water jumping off the dock and swimming. I usually spend the least amount of time in the water, but this year due to the humidity and heat I spent quite a bit of time in the water.
The kids {little and big} enjoyed tubing. A few of us decided to stay on the boat and not try tubing...I for one am not a big fan of a ton of water splashing in my face. Trevor and Nolan absolutely loved tubing. They had a great time with their tricks {hands free, riding a bull, and who knows what else}.
Griffin did have a great time watching everyone tube. He thought it was quite funny.
And of course what is camp without lobster.  Yummy!
My sister tried kayaking for the first time.  Trevor and Nolan went for kayak/canoe rides too.  Trevor tipped his kayak when he went to explore the island but recovered well.
I miss being at camp and returning to the real world has not been easy. Both our dishwasher and dryer broke right before we left so we have had to deal with that. We also have a very busy schedule for the next few weeks before school starts. The boys are at different camps and Trevor's soccer has started in full force. I love that I have the memories of camp and can't wait to go back next year!

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