Monday, September 26, 2011

Apple of My Eye

Yesterday, a lovely fall day a hot humid summer-like day, the three apples of my eye, my family and I went apple picking.
Apple picking is one of my all time favorite fall activities.  We left the orchard hot and sweaty... so not fall like. 
The trees were full of delicious apples.  We had no trouble filling our bags this year (last year we had to climb to the top of the trees).
The boys still thought it was fun to climb the trees although it really was not necessary.  There were apples everywhere.
Griffin thought it was fun to climb on Daddy and grab apples from the comfort of his shoulders.
We ate our way though the orchard.  Always fun to try the apples and (if you are one of the boys) chuck the core as far as possible.
Last night we had apple crisp for dessert and it was de.lic.ous! 
Even though we have apples up to our eyeballs, I still hope we make it to the orchard one more time this fall, hopefully on a crisp fall day.

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