Saturday, September 10, 2011


  • I have been pretty absent for the last week.  We are trying to get adjusted with our back-to-school schedule.  I am also going to be working an additional day starting next week.  We shall see how that goes.
  • My sister moved here from NYC!  Yay!  That has been keeping me busy, too.  Helping her get settled has been fun but time consuming.
  • I am loving the fall-like weather.  I love fall in New England.  I am excited for the crisp mornings, sunny days and changing leaves.
  • Nolan has been maintaining his faux-hawk.  Every morning he asks me to make his "precious" mohawk.  Everything is precious to Nolan... his face, his mouth, his hair, his computer, etc.
  • Soccer has started in full force.  Trevor had his first game last night and has one today and one tomorrow.  Our weekends will be filled with soccer games, but we love it.  Trevor has become such a skilled player and it is so much fun to watch him.
  • My sister got a new little convertible that the boys think is so much fun to ride in.  They have really enjoyed having their aunt nearby.
  • Griffin is in school 4 days a week.  I feel like I barely see him.  Monday is the only day he does not go to school and he told me he wants to go on Monday's, too.  My baby is growing up!  He is adjusting well to his new preschool classroom (I think much better then I am).
  • So all is well, just busy.  Hopefully soon we will get comfortable in the new routine and I will have a chance to pick up my camera and return to regular blogging.

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