Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A little about Griffin

Griffin is getting so big and his unique personality is really starting to explode.  He has quite the mind of his own.  He thinks he is a big kid and that he can do eveything his brothers do.
His speech is getting clearer and his vocabulary is increasing every single day.  He calls himself "Grippin" which I think is so adorable.  Even though I should not, I have been known to call him "Grippin", too.
He is one smart little boy.  He can count and he recognizes numbers.  He knows his colors and shapes and loves to be read to. 
He can be stubborn with his hugs and kisses at times.  Other times he smoothers you with love.  He is most cuddly in the morning.  He is not a morning boy.  He likes to sleep in and is very slow to wake.
He has the sweetest light brown freakles on the bridge of his nose.  I just love them.  They are absolutely adorable.  He is one very loved little boy!  In the picture below, he looks so grown up.
Today is Griffin's very special godmother, "TG", birthday.   Griffin and the rest of the family want to wish TG a very special birthday.  You are so important to all of us.  We love you!

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