Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Big Boy

Griffin loves to tell me that he is a big boy.  And he is right.  He is getting so big.
I have spent the last few years worried about Griffin.  Worried something was wrong because he did not speak much, worried because someone (who should not have and was not qualified to) gave him a label.  I spent many hours analyzing everything about him. 
I am finally believing all the people (family, friends, his pediatrician) that have told me that Griffin is just fine.  Yes, he is still speech delayed but he is making huge strides!
He is talking tons.  He knows his numbers, some of his letters, shapes and colors.  He knows feelings.  Yesterday he told me he was smiling because he was happy. 
He is a sweet boy.  So happy, easy going and affectionate.  I am so fortunate to have a happy, healthy big boy.  Now if I could just get him 100% potty trained!

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