Thursday, October 27, 2011


Today I had Trevor and Nolan's school conferences.  I could have sat there all day and listened to all the wonderful things the teachers said about my boys.  It is so nice to hear kind, compassionate, smart, hard-working and thoughtful in a the same sentence as Trevor and Nolan. 

I know my kids are good kids, but there are days I think I have raised monsters.  It is nice to know that the monster in my kids never goes to school with them. 

Nolan's teacher thinks he is going to be an engineer.  She says she can see the excitement in his eyes when he does math.  He loves it!  She is such a wonderful teacher and Nolan is so lucky to have such a dedicated teacher.

Trevor continues to do well.  His teacher is really challenging him this year and that is just what he needs.  He an excellent writer and she is going to get him writing lots this year. 

Trevor and Nolan I am so proud of both of you.  You are both amazing, sweet, smart boys!!!

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