Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Snake in the Garage

Yesterday morning, after Rob went off to Nolan's soccer game with Griffin, Trevor and I decided we would run to the store to get a few things.

Trevor is in the car waiting for me when I open the garage and start to round the back of my car to the drivers seat, when I stop in my tracks!  Sitting right at the edge of the garage is a big, huge, nasty snake!  I am terrified of snakes.  Let me say that again, I am absolutely TERRIFIED of snakes.
I see this snake and run, screaming back into the basement.  Not sure what Trevor was thinking, but he had no idea I had just encountered a garter snake the size of a boa constrictor.  After I put my heart back in my chest and composed myself, I stand at the door and yell at Trevor to get rid of the snake. 

Trevor decides to try to scare the snake with the snow shovel, but the big, nasty snake did not budge.  Trevor finally got the courage to push the snake across yard into the lawn. 

We jump in the car and take off as quickly as we can.  Trevor is my hero!  I am still scared out of my mind to open the garage door.
So if I am going to be honest, the snake really looked more like this.  But to me, a snake is a snake and they are all incredibly scary to me!

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