Sunday, November 13, 2011


Went went bowling to celebrate two very special birthdays {Ash and Kels}. 
My mom with the birthday girls.

Bowling is always lots of fun.
I take it {a little} serious.  After all I did take bowling in college, not that it is at all noticeable.  I was very happy with my score of 100, yup that's right, 100 is good for me.
And I was proud of that 100, until I saw my eight year old {who has never taken a bowling class} beat me by a mile.  I was on a different screen but that would be 105 in the 9th frame for Ten-pin Nolan.
Griffin, like his mama, takes the game very seriously.  Haha
Debbie kicked bowling butt in the last game getting like 7 strikes or something crazy like that!!  Here she is getting some congratulatory love from Trevor.
Nolan is always one to boast and here he is doing just that.
We had a fun day bowling!

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