Thursday, November 3, 2011


  • Trevor has a states test tomorrow.  He and I did a practice test the other night and he did better then I did.  I actually knew where every state was, I just got some (7, oops) of the state abbreviations incorrect. 
  • The sunrise the other morning was absolutely incredible. 
  • Griffin did not have the best day at school the other day.  He had a few screaming fits and pushed a kid or two.  He has been talking a lot about how it is not nice to scream and yell and that friends don't like when you push.  Good, hopefully he realized that his behavior that day was not okay.
  • I rarely watch movies.  This afternoon I decided to rent and watch Bridesmaids.  It was very cute.  I am glad I ignored my messy home and watch a movie instead.
  • Speaking of messy rooms, Nolan's room has been a disaster.  I can't stand to have things all over the place.  Clearly it does not bother Nolan.  Today after homework he is going to banished to his bedroom until it is spotless!
  • I have started my Christmas shopping, which is huge for me.  I have no idea what to get for my boys.  There is not much they are asking for and there is nothing they really need.
  • So happy tomorrow is Friday.  We have our last soccer tournament this weekend and then soccer season is over.  I love soccer, but I also love to have a weekend day free of games.
  • Kelsey, if you are reading the blog these days, happy, happy birthday!


Anonymous said...

thanks for the shout out!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I love when you're random and writing!