Monday, December 5, 2011

Santa's Village

Griffin spends lots of time being on the sidelines of one of his brothers games or activities.  Yesterday was a special day just for Griffin.  My mom, TG and I took Griffin to Santa's Village.
It was a great day!  Griffin loved taking it all in.  He was very apprehensive about the rides, but really enjoyed them once he got on them.  My favorite ride of the day was the sleigh ride. 
We feed Santa's reindeer cookies.  They were so cute and sweet, too.
Griffin got to visit Santa's home.  Mrs. Clause welcomed us into their adorable home and gave us hot apple cider.
I was not sure how Griffin would do with Santa.  He has always liked him from a distance, but has never liked sitting on his lap.  This Santa was so sweet and Griffin did (with a little pushing from me) finally sit on his lap.
He told Santa that he wants beyblades and race cars for Christmas and wished him a Merry Christmas.
Griffin made this adorable reindeer shirt with his hand prints in the Elves Workshop and he refuses to take it off. 
It was so nice to do something just with Griffin.  I so adore my sweet baby boy!
It was a wonderful day spent with a few of my favorite people.  Gia and TG, thank you! 
It was a day I will cherish always!  Such sweet memories were made.

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Anonymous said...

It was a wonderful magical day that i was privileged to share!