Monday, January 2, 2012

Huskies Hockey Tournament

Over the holiday break, Nolan's hockey team participated in a hockey tournament.
I was so impressed with how well Nolan is doing.  He has improved so much from last year and his games are really fun to watch.  I have not been to many of his games this season because they all seem to be at 7 am.  I just can justify dragging Griffin out of bed so early to go to a game. 
I was able to go to all three of his tournament games and I am amazed at my hockey star.  He had many shots on goal and finally got a goal! 
He also participated in the hockey skills competition.  He skated in the relay.  He did a great job and his team lost by a hair.
I have really gotten into hockey and enjoy watching Nolan and his team play.  They have really learned how to work together and pass.  I look forward to many years spent at the ice rink.  I am so proud of you, Nolan.

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