Sunday, January 22, 2012

Interviewing Griffin

I saw this cute little questionnaire to ask your child.  It suggests asking your child every year on his/her birthday.  Since Griffin's birthday is right around the corner, I decided to interview him.  This is his interview:

What is your name:  Griffin
How old are you:  I am 3 (free) almost 4 on my birthday party.
What is your favorite color:  Yellow and Green.
Who is your best friend:  Umm, umm, Cabot.
What is your favorite animal:  A ducky.
What do you want to be when you grow up:  4.
What is your favorite movie: Mario
What is your favorite book:  Dragon Griffin, that Daddy reads.
What makes you laugh:  Spiders.
What is your favorite food:  spaghetti.
What is your favorite song:  Dynamite.
What is your favorite game:  Wii Resort.
I am not sure I agree with all his answers, but they are what he said when I asked him.  Of course, he was in a rush to get on to the next thing. 

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