Monday, February 27, 2012

Life {according to my phone}

It seems the only pictures getting taken these days are on my phone, and those are far and few between.  I need to get back on track and start taking pictures again.  My three favorite subjects are not too fond of the camera these days. 

We went to the high school hockey game and Griffin passed the time by photographing it.
Trevor rock climbing.  Nolan is afraid of heights so he wanted no part of the rock wall.
Trevor, regardless of the temperature, loves wearing winter hats.
C.C. went to the groomers.  She got an adorable purple bow, but she only left it in about .2 minutes.
This boy loves his dog.
Awww, a quick glimpse at the love my big boys have for each other.  They don't show it often but I know they really do love each other.
The reaction from a shot Griffin got.
Debbie, you asked for it and you got it!  Wow, isn't my life exciting (according to my phone). 

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Anonymous said...

Bev, you know I love your blog! Thanks for phone dumping!