Sunday, March 25, 2012

Odyssey of the Mind {2012}

Because I am overtired and have many mixed feelings, I am not sure how to translate all the thoughts in my head into words. 
Let's start with Nolan.  This was his first year doing Odyssey.  He was with coaches and on a team of all first time Odyssey participants. What this group of boys accomplished is amazing.  They did an incredible job.  They did not get a 3rd, 2nd or 1st place award, but they definitely deserved one.  Nolan, of course, was disappointed, but he had a great time and hopes to participate again next year.  I am incredibly proud of what he and his team accomplished.  Way to go Nolan.
I, again, coached Trevor and his team.  What an incredible group of boys I had the privilege of coaching.  They worked tirelessly and did an excellent job solving a very difficult problem creatively.  They came in 3rd place out of 17 teams, which is pretty impressive.  After winning first place two years in a row, Trevor and I were disappointed about 3rd place for a few short minutes.  The disappointment was quickly replaced with relief.  I am happy to have a break from Odyssey.  After spending the past three months living, breathing and sleeping Odyssey I will enjoy my break from it.
Bottom line, both Trevor and Nolan did an incredible job.  The commitment is huge and the boys went to every meeting with a smile and creative ideas.  Great job, boys.  It is impossible to express how proud I am of you both!

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Anonymous said...

Way to go Trevor and Nolan.
Very proud to be your Nana and Papa
Love, Nana