Thursday, March 8, 2012


  • Life has been crazy!  Busy, busy, busy.  I am looking forward to life slowing down a little.  Work has been hectic.  The kids schedules have been out of control and I am running on empty!
  • I love my quiet mornings.  I wake early so I can have a little bit of alone time and watch the sun rise.
  • Speaking of love, I love my Griffin so much.  He is really starting to become a little boy.  He is the perfect combination of sassy, stubborn, strong-willed, silly and sweet. 
  • Odyssey of the Mind has been a huge time sucker.  I have been meeting with my team a lot.  There is still a lot of work before March 24th's state finals.  Nolan is participating this year, too, which adds to the fun and the chaos.
  • Lately, I have wanted to shelter my children from the cruel world.  I hate to see them get disappointed by friends, coaches and teachers.  I know it is all part of life.  But my heart hurts so much when my kids are let down.
  • Trevor is going to be 11, yes 11, in a few weeks.  The teen years are knocking on our door,  not sure how long I can ignore the knocking.  {This may be attributing to the above bullet point... middle school is in our very near future.}
  • I looked for my Easter decorations today, but could not find them.  Our basement needs to be cleaned and organized in a big way!
  • Nolan has a hockey tournament this weekend.  He also has his end of the year celebration.  It has been a great year for Nolan.  He has really become quite the hockey player.
  • Griffin is going to have a special day with Gia, TG and Kelsey on Saturday.  He may even have his first sleep over at Gia's... we will see how it goes.
  • I have a few hours of free time today {yay!} so I am off to meet Rob for lunch.

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