Sunday, April 29, 2012

Weekend Randomness

  • Yay for the weekend, but why does it have to pass so quickly?
  • Trevor is becoming a teen... he is starting to get embarrassed when I ask to take his picture.
  • Griffin, on the other hand, loves to have his picture taken but it it usually includes a silly pose, food hanging out of his mouth, a funny face or looking away from the camera.
  • Nolan got to spend some special time with Gia and TG yesterday.  They went to lunch and discussed entrepreneur ideas.
  • Trevor played in his first lacrosse game this weekend.  He did great.  I don't know much about lacrosse and but it was lots of fun to watch.
  • I also have to get used to how physical it is.  They use those sticks for a lot more than just catching and throwing the ball.
  • They did not win but they sure were proud of themselves, as they should be.
  • Trevor and Nolan love watching the Shark Tank on TV.  I think it is interesting that they are interested by people trying to get their invention marketed.  I have enjoyed watching it with them.
  • The sun has been shinning, but it has been chilly and windy.
  • Rob showed his mad pancake making skills by making a Bruins B.  Nolan made Tim Thomas but his was so big that we could not flip him in one piece.
  • I think I planted my flowers too early or I just have the kiss of death when it comes to window boxes?!?
  • Griffin enjoyed lounging in the sun while Trevor played his lacrosse game.
  • Today, we have Trevor's soccer game and family dinner.  Yay, I always look forward to Sunday family dinner. I think it is steak tonight which will make Nolan a very happy boy.

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