Saturday, May 12, 2012

Nolan's Lacrosse Game

Today I went to Nolan's lacrosse game.  It is the first game I have seen him play, but his second game.
He really amazes me with his courage and his athletic ability.  He is one "give it all you got", aggressive boy!
On the way to lacrosse he made me laugh until I was almost in tears.  He told me that his coach told them that they are not allowed to body check.  Nolan told me that he does not know how to keep is body in check!  So funny yet so true.
Then during his game I watched him walk up to a kid on the opposing team, a kid about twice his size.  He went up to him, said something and then walked away.  After the game I asked him what that was all about and he told me the kid was trash talking the entire game, saying things like "Losers", "You are a stinky team", etc.  After Nolan's team scored like 4 consecutive goals, Nolan walked up to him, looked up into his face (remember he was about twice Nolan's size) and said, "What were you saying?"  and then he walked away.  That was the perfect response.  Nolan is not scared of anyone!
It was a beautiful day and a great day to watch one of my favorite athletes play lacrosse.

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