Monday, May 7, 2012

The Weekend

We had a wonderful full weekend.
Trevor had a soccer game and travel soccer tryouts.  I always get so nervous about tryouts.  I don't want him to be disappointed if he does not make the team, but I guess that is part of life.
Nolan played in a few lacrosse games this weekend.  He is not sure how much he is going to like lacrosse.  I think he will come around and really like it.  It is a physical, fast moving game, right up Nolan's alley.
We celebrated Cinco De Mayo at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants.  Trevor even went to a Cinco De Mayo celebration and rode a mechanical bull.  He thought it was a blast and was very proud that he managed to stay on the bull for 33 seconds.
Griffin got a new pair of shades, but he has already misplaced them.  Hopefully they will turn up really soon.  He was not happy this morning when he could not find them.
The super moon was amazing this weekend.  Nolan dragged me outside because he wanted me to take pictures.  I am glad I did.  It was so beautiful.
We wrapped up the weekend with having some family and friends over.  Sunday was a beautiful day.  The sun was finally shinning after a week of rainy grey days.

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