Monday, June 25, 2012

Just Like Brother

Griffin wanted to have his hair cut just like his brother, Nolans'.  Since I am not a fan of Nolan's mohawk, there was no way I could let my Griffin get a mohawk, too. 
Instead I let him get a faux hawk.  This was a big step for me since I really like his hair long and a faux hawk would require short hair.  With it being summer time, I thought it was time to go with a shorter cut.
And I think he looks absolutely adorable.  I still like longer hair on him but I think he looks pretty darn cute with his short faux hawk.  He looks so grown up with the short hair.
And who am I kidding, he would look cute with long, short, curly, blue or no hair!  He is just that cute!

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Edson Ribeiro said...

Boys must experience many tips of hair. It is part of childhood. And his hair is very nice.