Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Week at Camp

What is there to say, that has not been said every single year we go to camp? 

It is always a little different but always amazing.
It is always relaxing.

It's always great visiting friends and family.
There are always incredible sunsets.

There is always fishing and swimming,

Boating and lobsters.
There is always one (or two) unexpected events. (This year a trip to urgent care for an ear infection Trevor was suffering from and CC fell off the ramp into the rocky water.  Fortunately, neither of these were serious and both Trevor and CC have recovered.)

We always play cribbage and the forehead game.

We smile, laugh and dance.

There is always sparklers and s'mores.
The days always go by too fast.
But most importantly,
There are memories to last a lifetime.

1 comment:

Edson Ribeiro said...

Beautiful photos. All this happiness and the vacations pass so fast.