Friday, August 10, 2012

Amusement Park

Yesterday Rob and I took the big boys to Canobie Lake Park for the day.  It was a blast.  All my pictures are from my phone since I had to order a new camera and it is not here yet :(.  (Can't wait to have a real camera again.) amusement
The first ride we went on was a roller coaster.  Nolan was excited to go, but we may have traumatized the poor kid.  He was not to happy after the roller coaster and was pretty hesitant to go on any other rides that were remotely scary. 
He did finally decide to try one more roller coaster at the end of the day.  He said he liked it, but I am not convinced.
Trevor on the other hand loved the roller coasters.  He is a kid after my own heart.  At one point we got right off the roller coaster just to get on again.  There was no lines!
That is T and me in the front row!
There is a new coaster at the park called Untamed.  Trevor said he would go on it but then chickened out.  Finally one of the roller coaster operators convinced him that the ride was not that bad, so he finally got the courage to ride it.
Hard to see that is us going down and, yup, we went straight up the other side... good times!  It was crazy.  The ride took you straight up, there was no gradual hill.  There was three upside down loops.  Trevor had so much fun, we went on it twice!
And Griffin, he had a great day with his Gia.  They went to Chuck E. Cheese and he has already asked when Gia can spend the day with him again.

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