Friday, August 24, 2012

This, That and Phone Pics

  • Trevor starts 6th grade (middle school), Nolan starts 4th grade and Griffin starts Pre-K next week.  Unbelievable...where did the summer go?
  • Yesterday I spent the evening on Cow Island for a company lobster bake.  The island was amazing.  There are many old military forts on the island and no homes.  It was fun to explore the island.
  • Trevor picked out a headset he wants made by Ludicrous.  I don't care who makes them but I think it is ludicrous to spend $300 on a headset.  He is thinking he will ask for a more reasonably priced set for Christmas.
  • Nolan went for an asthma follow up appointment.  His lung capacity was 74% last time and it was 92% this time.  We knew he was looking and feeling better on the medicine, but I had no idea how much better he was doing.  He will continue on the Singular and we have added a prescription nasal spray.  His doctor is hoping this will clear up some of the inflammation in his nose.
  • Eric Clapton's boat was in the Portland harbor last night.  I guess he comes annually.  We did not see him on the boat though.
  • Soccer starts big time this weekend.  Between Trevor and Nolan we have 4 games.  I am pretty excited to cheer on my young athletes.
  • The sunset last night off Cow Island was just beautiful.  It was so red.  My phone camera could not do it justice.
  • Have a great weekend!

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