Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Trevor has a cholesteatoma in his ear drum and has since 2009.  Lately there has been some changes to the "look" of the cholesteatoma.  With this change, we have gotten a second opinion on what should be done about it.  He has a slight decrease in hearing in this ear (right ear) since first discovering the choleseatoma. 
The news is not great.  He will have a CT scan this Thursday (he also had one back in 2009) and most likely will have to have surgery.  Trevor was so emotional and upset about this.  Not that I would not expect him to be, but he rarely shows this much emotion about anything.  Poor boy, it just broke my heart in two seeing him so upset. 

I am praying that we make the right decision about this, that his hearing is not affected and that Trevor will have some understanding about all this. 

I just wanted to document this on my blog since it is the only way I document our lives.

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