Tuesday, September 25, 2012

This and That

  • Fall is in the air.  I have started decorating for the fall and I just love it.
  • We celebrated Rob's birthday last week.  The boys picked out a cookies and cream cake for him and we made him a special dinner.
  • This is the smile of a boy who was thrilled to have scored a goal in his last soccer game.  Nolan scored that goal with his LEFT foot.  This made daddy really happy!
  • Nolan scored his left footed goal on Silent Sunday.  This is a day that we only are allowed to clap, no cheering at all.  I may have accidentally let out a little squeal when he scored, oops :).
  • Trevor scored TWO goals in one of his soccer games this weekend.  He scored the first goal in the first 30 seconds of the game.  He almost had a hat trick.
  • CC is at the groomers today.  She really needs a cut.  I am so tired of her beard because she makes such a mess with her water.  I asked for it all to be shaved off.  Hopefully she will not look to silly.
  • The other parents on Trevor's team have decided I should not attend any of his games.  He seems to play much better without me there : (.  All the goals he has scored this season have been at games I was not in attendance.

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