Thursday, October 25, 2012

Surgery Day

Tomorrow is surgery day for Griffin.  He is having oral surgery on a tooth he injured as a toddler.
His top front tooth {a tooth that is retreating back to the gums} is going to be removed.  I will miss that short little tooth, but will look forward to seeing his smile, sans one tooth.
I know it is not major surgery and I know he will be fine.  Knowing all this does not help my mommy heart.  This will be his 5th time going under general anesthesia and each time is just as difficult. We told Griffin about what is going to happen tomorrow, but he can't possibly understand it all.  I hope he is not too scared and he does not remember any of it!
Please pray that I have peace and can be strong for my sweet boy.  Most importantly, please pray that Griffin has a complication free surgery and a quick recovery. 

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