Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekend Review {without pictures}

We had a rainy, rainy weekend.  If you ever have to be sick with a fever and chills, this past rainy weekend was the perfect weekend for it.  Lucky me, I spent much of the weekend curled up under blankets feeling sick.  This is the reason this post is without pictures.  Rob is not likely to get the camera out and document our every days.

Trevor and Nolan both had some soccer games.  Nolan scored two goals on Saturday and he was very proud of himself.  Trevor only had one game, his other two were cancelled because of the rain.  They are both playing in tournaments this weekend.

Griffin has been belting out songs lately.  His repertoire ranges from A,B,C's to Call Me Maybe.  No matter the song, he is pretty darn cute.

Speaking of Griffin, today I took him shoe shopping, without much success.  Why do they not make any cute shoes for little boys?  I want something easy and comfortable.  I don't want light up, obnoxious sneakers!  The search will continue... hopefully he will have some decent shoes soon.

Nolan has hockey evaluations tonight.  I just can't believe that it is already hockey season.  Time really does fly.

Best news of the weekend, both the Chargers and the Pats won.  A good football day for the whole family. 

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